Vaishnavi Prabhushankar

10 Celebrities That Are Allegedly Very Rude

She shouted and threatened a traffic police officer in public.

Reese Witherspoon 

He threw a phone at a hotel employee and got arrested.

Russell Crowe 

She called one of her fans, fat.

Demi Lovato 

He wanted to dine alone always so he always kicks out the guests in the hotels he stay.

Tom Cruise

He went to a ceremony for veterans of the armed forces, but he wouldn't remove his sunglasses or wave to the assembled people.

Jamie Foxx 

He showed his middle finger to his fan during a music event.

Jared Leto

She often talks badly about celebrities behind their backs.

Rachael Ray 

She walked off the set in the middle of the live ITV interview.

Lea Michele

He shouted and threw a fan's cell phone at the floor who tried to take pictures of him.

Sean Penn 

He said  to one his fan that he "does not give autographs to ugly chicks." 

Adam Levine 

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