10 Characters Marvel Copied From DC

Marvel character Moon Knight was inspired by the DC character of Batman.

Moon Knight

Marvel superhero Hawkeye is a character sketched from the DC character of Green Arrow.  


The fictional character Namor is quite similar to the DC character of Aquaman.  


The female anti-hero Black Cat is somewhat a copy version of DC character - Catwoman. 

Black Cat

The famous Marvel character Deadpool is often compared to the DC character - Deathstroke as they share certain similarities.  


Vision is a sentient android who is inspired from the DC character Red Tornado. 


The popular Doctor Strange who uses magic as his superpower is often compared to DC character Doctor Fate.

Doctor Strange

The character of Winter Soldier is very similar to that of the DC character Red Hood. 

Winter Soldier

The slick malicious creature Venom is very similar to DC's character of Bane. The two characters share a lot of similarities.  


Galactus is a force of nature who is said to be inspired by the DC character - Metron


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