Vaishnavi Prabhushankar

10 Famous Reality Tv Shows That Are Actually Scripted

This show makes the couples date blindly, and if one of the partners proposes, they meet face-to-face.

Love Is Blind

This show has a set of people go to a diner, and the boss of that diner sits in a room and watches his employees' activities when he is not around.

Mystery Diners

This show is about the boss going undercover to his business locations to see what is happening inside his business.

Undercover Boss

In this show, the family who wants to buy a house and their agent were going through houses and selecting one.

House Hunters

This show explores the personal and professional lives of a few young people in Los Angeles.

The Hills

This show let some Amish people to explore the Western lifestyle and decide whether to stay there or go back home.

Breaking Amish

This show explores the Appalachian Mountains with a team of hunters and trappers to hunt monsters. 

Mountain Monsters

This show let some young people believe that they were going on a reality show at a fancy resort, but instead they were dropped off in a wild place to learn life lessons.

SnowFlake Mountain

This show is about the Harrison family, who run a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The men of the family are said to have sharp brains to detect whether an item is real or fake.

Pawn Stars

This show centers on an Amish society in Lancaster, where Levi strives to protect the values of the community by enforcing peace and justice among its inhabitants.

 Amish Mafia

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