10 Most Hilarious Comedy Series To Watch On Netflix In 2023

It is a science-fiction comedy series about a woman who suddenly gets trapped inside a time-loop. There are 2 seasons so far. 

Russian Doll

This coming-of-age comedy series revolves around an Indian-American teenager who's going through puberty. It has 4 seasons so far.

Never Have I Ever

This hilariously dramatic series narrates the story of an autistic teenager and his daily struggles. It has 4 seasons so far.


It is a comedy about a man in need of a kidney transplant and narrates the story of his flourishing bond with his donor. It has 2 seasons so far.  

B Positive

This comedy series narrates the funny life struggles of an Indian-American actor in New York City. It has 3 seasons in total. 

Master Of None

This blockbuster animated comedy series follows the journey of a bunch of middle school friends as they navigate through puberty. It has 6 seasons so far. 

Big Mouth

It is a must-watch comedy series about a bankrupt family who inherit and move to an ugly small town. It has 6 seasons in total. 

Schitt's Creek

This dark comedy navigates the budding female friendship between two widows. It has 3 seasons in total.

Dead To Me

This is a well-written hilarious sitcom about the struggles of a group of official who turn a local construction site into a park. It has 7 seasons in total.

Parks And Recreation

This classic comedy is a fan favorite. With a total of 9 seasons, it hilariously represents the everyday lives  of some office employees who work in a paper company.  

The Office

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