10 Most Unhealthy Relationship Traits To Avoid

Manipulation or controlling behavior is the biggest factor for the maximum numbers of unhealthy relationships.


Inequality between partners be it of money, gender roles, or other factors, can over time lead to a toxic environment. 


Lack of trust can foster the feelings of suspicion and jealousy. 

Trust Issues

Emotional abuse in a relationship can severely affect the mental health of the victim.  

Emotional Abuse

Physical abuse in any form is an inhumane act and in many places is punishable by law. 

Physical Abuse

Without respect in a relationship, partners can constantly feel being belittled by the other person and his associates. 


Lack of personal space can curb partners from growing and can make the relationship feel suffocating. 

Personal Space

Lack of empathy between partners can lead to the lack of emotional connection which is crucial for forming a bond between the two. 


Lack of compromise leads to a toxic relationship as it should be a give-and-take dynamic and not only one way.


Without the support of one's partner, a person cannot grow or evolve into a better version or in things that they might be doing.


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