Vaishnavi Prabhushankar

8 Birds That Can't Fly

Penguins cannot fly as they are built for swimming and diving and they use their short legs for waddling walk.


These birds are very territorial and aggressive. They cannot fly because of their heavy weight.

Steamer duck

These birds are from New Zealand and are already decreasing in number. These birds are clever thieves and good swimmers and sings duets too.


This largest living bird is the king of birds. It can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh more than 300 pounds and lay the largest egg in the world.


This chicken sized bird is from New Zealand , but due to its size and weight, it cannot fly.


It is also known as "Owl Parrot,"  and it is from New Zealand. It can grow up to 2 feet in length, and is the world’s heaviest parrot.


This bird is from New Zealand, and it can live up to 20 years.


This giant bird is from Australia and are very strong, powerful and heavyweight.


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