8 UFO Sightings In The U.S In Recent Times

In November 2022, a man in Florida saw a bright linear patterned white light moving at a high speed across the sky.


In January 2023, a pilot spotted a weird looking triangular object flying over New Mexico. 

New Mexico

In June 2023, people reportedly saw an oval shaped object hovering in the sky for 10 minutes in Las Vrgas.

Las Vegas

In December 2022, people saw some strange patterned lights moving in the sky of California. 


In August 2022, in Colorado a man claimed to have seen a bizarre and bright blue light moving at a distance across the sky.


In October 2022, a woman in Texas claimed to have seen a large object over her house in the sky. 


In September 2022, people in Arizona saw a series of lights moving in a circular pattern in the sky.


In July 2022, a man in Utah claimed to have seen a large and circular object hovering in the sky for a while.


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