9 Anime Characters That Everyone Hates 

Krul Tepes is a cunning and cruel vampire princess in the animated series ‘Seraph Of The End’. She hunts innocent humans to satiate her hunger. 

Krul Tepes 

Malty Melromarc is a character in the anime series ‘The Rising Of The Shield Hero’. She is a malicious magician and the first princess of Melromarc. She oppresses and violates the people of her land with her cunning and dark magic.

Malty Melromac

Demon King is a character in the anime series ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. He is the ruler of the Demon clan. He is a ruthless ruler who commits numerous crimes like mass murder, slavery, cannibalism, and stalking with the help of black magic.

Demon King

Pariston Hill is a character in the anime series ‘Hunter X Hunter’. He has a toxic tendency of manipulating everyone and does not care about the emotions and feelings of anyone. He knows nothing except how to damage someone or something.

Pariston Hill

Isabella is a character in the series ‘The Promised Neverland’. She is a cold human and mother who cares for no one but only herself. She indirectly killed numerous orphan children just to be able to live a longer life herself.


Shou Tucker is a character in the series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’. This middle-aged man is a murderous scientist who seems psychologically deranged. He even killed his wife and daughter for the sake of an experiment.

Shou Tucker

Shion Sonozaki is a part of the series ‘When They Cry’. Shion is a delinquent, manipulative, and toxic character to be around. She is a malicious being who evolves into a psychotic paranoid who ruins the lives of those she doesn’t like.

Shion Sonozaki 

Muzan Kibutsuji is the lead antagonist of the series ‘Demon Slayer’. He is the king of demons who has supernatural strength and  is void of emotions and is selfish to his core. He inflicts misery wherever he goes and is a malicious killer.

Muzan Kibutsuji

The nasty-looking creature Rem is a part of the series ‘Death Note’. She is averse to humankind. And is referred to as the literal God Of Death because of her creepy looks and ability to inflict horrible death on her victims. 


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