Disturbing Facts About ‘Power’ In Chainsaw Man

Power is a Fiend and wild sidekick of Denji, show’s main protagonist, in the story of Anime ‘Chainsaw Man’.

A fiend is a devil who, in a last-ditch effort to survive, takes control of a human body. In the process, devils lose some of their strength, but they live.

Power has a negative opinion of all people, considering humans as a helpless race of idiots and cowards.

Power has a very loose moral compass and will lie through her teeth to hide any of her mistakes or just blame them on Denji.

Power chooses to remain dirty and unhygienic on the expense of other people. She does all this to distinct herself from humans.

Power has a bloodlust and tendency to make a mesh out of any situation that involves her using her powers and she loves it.

Unlike Denji, Power’s body is controlled by a demon and she is a true demon at her core, that is why she never considers any human her friends.

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