Top 5 Most Powerful Eternals

5. Makkari: One of the fastest beings in Marvel, Makkari can lift up to 30 tons and has a special bond with humans.

4. Thena: Current leader of Eternals in comics after death of previous leader Zuras, she is probably the best combatant in all Eternals.

3. Ikaris: He is most popular Eternal and wants his kind to intervene more in human affairs and has often clashed with Thena because of this.

2. Ajak: He is considered the greatest Eternal warrior. He once turned the tide of a war between Eternals and Deviants as he came to aid of Eternals.

1. Kronos: The longest reigning monarch of Eternals, Kronos is most powerful Eternal as he can use energy to the extent of fuelling life in deceased.

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