Top 5 Most Notable Forms Of Sauron

5. Three Forms: Sauron took forms of a werewolf, a serpant, and a vampire during his battle with Luthien and Huan during First Age of Middle-earth.

4. Annatar: One of Sauron's most significant guises since it was via this shape that he tricked Elves into creating powerful rings.

3. Sauron's Armored Form: This form of Sauron was shown in the Lord of the Rings films, drawing influence from Tolkien's writings in which he characterised Sauron as a massive armoured figure.

2. Shadow Form: Although the loss of Sauron's Ring destroyed his physical form, the Dark Lord's essence lived on until the Third Age.

1. Great Eye Form: Sauron's most recognisable look was that of a massive blazing eye. As a symbol for his orcish troops and a thing that shows up in visions.

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