Top 5 Most Powerful DC Teams

5. Legion of Super-Heroes: In the future, the 30th Century is protected by the Legion of Super-Heroes, which consists of a superpowered representative from each of the United Planets.

4. The Shazam Family: Billy Batson aka Shazam shared his powers with his siblings, and they became the most powerful super family in DC.

3. Justice Society of America: The Justice Society of America, a precursor of the Justice League, was established in the DC Golden Age and debuted in Black Adam on big screen.

2. Green Lantern Corps: Using the might of "Will of Living Beings" and the aid of green rings, the GLC is a galactic organisation that defends the cosmos from all kind of threats.

1. Justice League: Probably the most well-known superhero group across all comic book genres, the Justice League is a force to be reckoned with in every corner of the world.

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