Top 5 Warriors In ‘Rings of Power’ Universe

5. Hurin: He was considered the strongest of the first age in physical strength, who can easily destroy the troll guards with his giant axe.

4. Glorfindel: Mentioned as a very skilled swordsman in most sources. He killed the Balrog and returning with the Maiar powers is the biggest indicator of his combativeness.

3. Ecthelion: One of the most feared warriors in Middle Earth, he killed 3 Balrogs by himself and then killed the Gothmog, the lord of the Balrogs.

2. Fingolfin: He appeared like a Valar with his horse in his anger during Dagor Bragollach, plunged into the armies of Orcs, and injured Melkor 7 times.

1. Turin Turambar: According to the elves' expression, no one can kill him with a weapon unless an arrow comes by chance. He killed Melkor in Dagor Dagorath.

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