Demons Who Give Sabbac His Powers In ‘Black Adam’

Just like Shazam and Black Adam are powered by six Gods and legendry warriors, Sabbac is powered by six of the Grand Lords of Hell.

Satan: The ultimate lord of Hell and a different being from Lucifer Morningstar, the more humanoid Lord of Hell.

Aym: A three-headed demon and a Grand-Duke of Hell with many legions of lesser demons under his command.

Belial: An Archduke of Hell, who replaced Azazel on the Satanic Triumvirate.

Beelzebub: A major demon, Beelzebub often appears in the form of gigantic fly.

Asmodeus: A demon lord who was a behind-the-scenes enemy to Shazam during initials years of the hero.

Crateis: An angel turned demon, he possesses power of flight and rules over his own dominion of Hell.

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