Dragon Ball: Daima Producer Opens Up About Goku’s Latest Look, Wants it to be a “Fresh take”

Goku and Akio Iyoku
Goku and Akio Iyoku

Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 recently treated fans to an exclusive panel dedicated to the highly anticipated Dragon Ball: Daima series. This special event not only premiered a thrilling new trailer but also provided insider insights from Dragon Ball producer Akio Iyoku.

During the panel, Iyoku delved into various aspects of the upcoming Dragon Ball series, including never-before-seen illustrations by Akira Toriyama himself. These illustrations showcased the original designs of the pint-sized Dragon Ball characters set to take center stage in Dragon Ball: Daima.

Goku’s Fresh Look in Dragon Ball: Daima

Dragon Ball Diama

One of the highlights of the discussion was the revelation of Goku’s latest appearance in the series. Iyoku elaborated on how Goku’s smaller stature offers a fresh perspective for fans, especially those unfamiliar with his childhood adventures depicted in Dragon Ball GT.

This revelation has heightened anticipation for the series, slated for release in the fall of 2024. At the Dragon Ball Daima panel, attendees were treated to an exclusive unveiling of a brand-new trailer. The trailer showcased a young Goku embarking on adventures, battling unknown adversaries, and indulging in his insatiable appetite.

Presented by Akio Iyoku, the trailer provided a glimpse into Goku’s journey in the upcoming series, accompanied by artwork portraying beloved characters in their childhood forms.

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Insights from Akio Iyoku, Canon Storyline, and New Animation

During the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 event, Akio Iyoku shared insights into Goku’s character evolution and his significance in the series. He expressed hope that fans, both new and old, would appreciate this fresh take on Goku’s character, particularly those yet to witness his childhood exploits. He said,

“So in this trailer, Goku is moving around so much isn’t he so we wanted you to be more familiar with Goku before we released the actual story.

“I hope that the fans who have not yet seen the story of Goku’s childhood when will enjoy it as a fresh take on Goku’s appeal.”

While specific plot details remain under wraps, reports suggest that the series will feature a new animation style and adhere to the original Dragon Ball storyline. Despite the absence of a confirmed release date, fans can anticipate the series’ arrival in the fall of 2024.

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