The 10 Most Powerful Female Anime Villains

Top 10 Female Anime Villains
Top 10 Female Anime Villains

It is a general rule in life that one cannot appreciate the good without experiencing the bad. Similarly, good anime characters are more cherishable when compared in the light of their bad counterparts. And with the rise of animated characters all over the globe, people are getting drawn towards not only the attractive good female characters but towards the badass villain in female animations as well.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most powerful female anime villains of all time.

Top 10 Most Powerful Female Anime Villains


Echidna is an animated female character in the popular anime series ‘Re: Zero’. She is also referred to as the Witch Of Greed and is almost 400 years old. She is a spirit-like character with features that can invoke immense fear in anyone who looked directly at her. Her presence and powers are so strong that a person will experience an immediate death if left in her presence for a long. She was a cold and black-hearted being who would go to any lengths including lie and deceit to obtain whatever she set her mind to.

Ougi Oshino

Ougi Oshino made her villain appearance in the fictional animation series Owarimonogatari’. This female character was downright creepy and chilling from the very start. Everything about her was giving off a spooky aura – her creepy smile, ghostly appearance, and every syllable she uttered out of her mouth. Her whole life is a big fat lie and she takes pleasure in cruelly inflicting pain on liars, the extent of which is humanly unacceptable at times.

Krul Tepes

Krul Tepes is a fictional antagonist vampire princess in the animated series ‘Seraph Of The End’. Krul is a bone-chilling female villain who considers all humans as a source of energy and treats them as livestock. She hunts humans to satiate her hunger along with her other comrade vampires. And if anyone dares to raise their voice against her, are immediately beaten harshly by her which can at times lead to the death of several innocent humans.


Neferpitou is a fictional female character in the anime series ‘Hunter X Hunter’. She was half human and half cat. Throughout the series, the creators portrayed her so skillfully that it gave chills to the viewers. The representation of the character served its purpose accurately which was to be a terrifying and feared creature. Neferpitou

Malty Melromarc

Malty Melromarc is a fictional female character in the anime series ‘The Rising Of The Shield Hero’. She is a malicious magician and the first princess of a fictional land called Melromarc. She can manipulate anyone to her liking. As a ruler, she oppresses and violates the people of her land. With her cunning nature and dark magic, she betrays and severely tortures the shield hero.

Shion Sonozaki

Shion Sonozaki is a terrifying female fictional animation in the series ‘When They Cry’. Throughout the series, Shion is portrayed as a delinquent, manipulative, and toxic character to be around. She is a malicious being who even went to the length of circulating fake rumors about herself to escape schooling and punishment. With the passage of the series, Shion evolves into a psychotic paranoid who ruins the lives of those she doesn’t like by manipulating and spreading fake rumors about them.


Lucy is a fictional character from the anime series ‘Elfen Lied’. She is a cold-blooded female character who experiences a personality disorder with three identities. Growing up as an orphan, Lucy was immensely bullied by other children and adults alike. This led to the growth of a massive grudge in her which resulted in a deep-rooted hatred for mankind. She murders a mass of people without batting an eyelash and it’s a painful gruesome murder to witness.


The nasty-looking creature Rem from the massive hit anime series ‘Death Note’ is one of the most powerful female villains ever written. She is averse to humankind. And is referred to as the literal God Of Death in the series. She is creepy looking and inflicts horrible death on her victims. Her skeletal-like physical appearance is alone enough to keep one up at night.


Shiro is a naive-looking but also mysterious and cold killer villain in the animated series ‘Deadman Wonderland’. She has two personalities – one being the innocent and quiet-looking Shiro while the other one being raging and murderous called wretched egg. However, for the most part in the series, Shiro’s toxic alter ego was kept a mystery and when revealed was a shocking plot twist, for she was responsible for killing many innocent lives in the show.


Isabella is a fictional female character in the series ‘The Promised Neverland’. She is a villain who has been remarkably written and portrayed on screen. As a grown-up woman, her personality took a turn for the worst, converting her into a cold human and mother who cared for no one but only herself. In the series, she indirectly killed numerous orphan children just to be able to live a longer life herself.

These are the top 10 female anime villains of all time.

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