‘Solo Leveling’ Anime Breaks Records With Spectacular Premiere, Beats ‘One Piece’ Gear 5 Episode

solo leveling and one piece gear 5

Recent reports from industry insiders have ignited discussions within the anime community about the unprecedented viewership numbers of the newly premiered Solo Leveling anime adaptation. While official confirmation is pending, multiple credible sources suggest that the first episode has shattered the previous record held by One Piece for the most-viewed premiere episode.

The astonishing feat becomes even more noteworthy considering One Piece’s colossal popularity and influence. Nevertheless, the anticipation and excitement built around the prospect of a Solo Leveling adaptation over the years may explain why its debut attracted such an enormous audience. Although the exact viewer count remains undisclosed, leaks from discussion boards and anime sites indicate that Solo Leveling’s premiere surpassed the previous record comfortably, according to contacts at streaming services like Crunchyroll.

International Popularity Fuels Solo Leveling’s Success

One of the key contributors to the Solo Leveling anime’s record-breaking premiere is undoubtedly the immense international popularity of the original manhwa series. Solo Leveling stands out as arguably the most successful and renowned manhwa title to date, even more than two years after concluding its narrative.

The widespread passion and intrigue surrounding the intellectual property translated into intense anticipation for the anime adaptation. Devoted fans of the comics, both long-time and those who were loosely familiar with the series through reputation alone, eagerly tuned into the first episode. Additionally, trailers and marketing efforts sparked curiosity among anime-only fans who were unaware of the manhwa.

The diverse global fanbase, stemming from the source material’s stellar reputation, came together to create an energized viewership that played a pivotal role in driving the anime’s record-breaking debut. T he immense scale of interest in seeing Solo Leveling fully animated existed well before its release, and the premiere views reflect that collective energy.

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Solo Leveling’s Rapid Rise to Prominence

Solo Leveling

Considering the immense global fandom surrounding Solo Leveling, its ability to surpass even the records set by juggernaut series like One Piece starts to make sense. In terms of popularity and reach within the manga and anime community, Solo Leveling stands toe-to-toe with legendary hits like Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, both being beloved household names for fans.

While One Piece accrued its monumental fanbase over a period of 25+ years, Solo Leveling, with creators Chugong and illustrator Dubu, achieved a similar level of global passion and investment from readers in a much more compressed period. Despite its shorter run time, Solo Leveling matches One Piece in brand recognition, and the anime is now reaping the rewards of that rapid fandom growth.

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A Comparison of Manhwa’s History with One Piece

Luffy gear 5

To grasp the monumental growth of Solo Leveling’s popularity, it’s helpful to compare its history to an established hit like One Piece. Solo Leveling’s manhwa first debuted in March 2018 on the Korean platform KakaoPage and concluded its story in December 2021, achieving widespread success across various platforms in under four years.

In contrast, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga originated in July 1997 within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, continuing serialization over 25 years later. Despite One Piece’s 25-year head start, Solo Leveling managed to garner a similar level of passion and visibility within a much more compact timeframe. Examining the birthdates of both hits helps put Solo Leveling’s rapid rise into perspective, making its ability to compete with records set by the venerable pirate epic more reasonable.

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