Who Is Porunga In Dragon Ball? Everything You Need To Know

Porunga in Dragon Ball
Porunga in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is one of the fan-favorite animes of all time. It has successfully kept its audience steady for over decades. As the name suggests, Dragons are a crucial part of the anime, apart from all kinds of races, planets, and over-the-top powerful beings.

These Dragons are known for their ability to grant wishes. Porunga is one of the most important and powerful Dragons in the series and has turned the tides in our heroes’ favor more than once. So, who is this powerful being? Is he really all-powerful and can grant any wish?

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Origin Of Porunga

Porunga is a powerful dragon who grants wishes in the Dragon Ball Z anime and manga series. He resides on Namek, a planet in the Dragon Ball universe. He is summoned using the Namekian Dragon Balls and can grant up to three wishes.

Porunga is depicted as a large, green and golden dragon with a red jewel on his forehead. He has the ability to understand and communicate only in the Namekian language. He is considered to be a god-like figure among the Namekians and is revered for his power to grant wishes.

Is Porunga More Powerful Than Shenron? How Are They Different?

In the Dragon Ball series, Porunga is depicted as more powerful than Shenron in terms of the number of wishes he can grant and the strength of those wishes. While Shenron can grant one wish at a time, Porunga can grant up to three wishes.

Additionally, Porunga is capable of granting stronger wishes, such as restoring entire planets and bringing people back to life without any restrictions. On the other hand, Shenron has limitations on the strength of his wishes and is sometimes unable to grant a wish if it goes against the laws of nature.

How Many Dragon Balls Do You Need To Summon Porunga?

To summon Porunga in the Dragon Ball series, seven Dragon Balls are needed. These Dragon Balls are scattered across the Namekian planet, and once they are all collected, they can be used to summon Porunga and have him grant wishes.

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Is There A Super Porunga Like Super Shenron?

Yes, in the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series, a more powerful version of Porunga called “Super Porunga” is introduced. Like Super Shenron, Super Porunga is depicted as being larger and more powerful than his original counterpart, with the ability to grant more powerful wishes.

However, the specific details on the exact differences between Porunga and Super Porunga and how one summons Super Porunga are not fully explained in the series.

Can Porunga Grant Immortality In Dragon Ball?

In the Dragon Ball series, Porunga is not able to grant immortality as a wish. Porunga’s abilities are limited to restoring entire planets, reviving the dead, and granting wishes that do not go against the laws of nature.

Porunga is not capable of granting wishes that defy the natural order of the universe, such as granting immortality or limitless power. But keep getting back from the dead can somewhat solve the issue, the only problem with this plan is the difficulty in finding all the dragon balls every time to summon him.

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