Who Is Zeno In Dragon Ball? Is There Anyone Who Can Defeat Him?

Zeno Dragon Ball
Zeno Dragon Ball

Zeno is the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime series. He is the leader of all universes in the Dragon Ball multiverse and is viewed as the most benevolent being in the series. He is a little, child-like being who can erase whole universes with a snap of his fingers.

Zeno is almost always seen with his attendant and friend, the Grand Priest. He was first introduced during the “Universe Survival” arc, where he holds a competition including contenders from the various universes to figure out which universe will survive and which will be eradicated. Apart from this, Zeno is known for his sort and perky nature.

Why Is Zeno So Strong?

Zeno is depicted as the ultimate god of the Dragon Ball universe because of his exceptional capacities and status as the leader of the relative multitude of universes. Zeno’s power isn’t simply restricted to bodily strength, he can erase a person, a planet, and even whole universes with a snap of his fingers, which is a power that no other person in the series possesses.

Zeno is immune to time manipulation as he is above time and can see and detect events across all existence. In addition to that, the Grand Priest and the Angels, who are some of the strongest beings in the series, serve him. This puts Zeno in a position where he can control the affair of the multiverse without even being present there and no one is strong enough to challenge his authority.

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Is There Any Person In The Dragon Ball Series Who Can Pose Any Sort Of Threat To Zeno?

In the Dragon Ball series, Zeno is depicted as the most powerful being in the multiverse, and no character ever in the series is considered a threat to him. Even the highly overpowered characters in the series, like Goku and Vegeta, can’t overcome him and would probably be immediately crushed by him. Although Zeno from the future was presented in the manga, Zeno Future and Zeno Past got along so well that there was no question of conflict between them.

It is assumed that there are just two substances that might actually represent a danger to Zeno and those are the “Maker” and “Destroyer” of the Dragon Ball multiverse. In any case, these characters have never been seen or referenced in the series, making it questionable to assume they even exist.

Who Was Omni King Before Zeno?

It is not mentioned in Dragon Ball series that there was an Omni King before Zeno. Zeno is the only character known as the “Omni-King” in the series. He is the leader of all universes and the most powerful being in the Dragon Ball universe.

The idea of Omni-King and his position isn’t something that has a clear historical lineage or progression, it is the most noteworthy, influential place and ultimate authority in the Dragon Ball.

How Old Is Zeno In Dragon Ball Super?

The age of Zeno is not mentioned in the Dragon Ball Super anime series or in the manga. The Dragon Ball franchise has never been very specific about the age of its characters as it focuses more on their capacities and place in the story. Zeno is an ancient being and has been around for millions of years.

On the other hand, the source material clearly mentions that Zeno is immortal and can not be killed. In Tournament of Power, Grand Priest gave a hint about the longevity of Zeno when he declared that the tournament begins on the “3,135,500,603rd day of the Era of Our King”. Zeno is an Omnipotent, Omniscience, and Omnipresence being, so, the idea of age isn’t applicable to him.

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