Luffy vs Reed Richards On Horizon As One Piece And Fantastic Four’s Crossover With Fortnite Rumor Breaks The Internet

reed richards and luffy

Fans have long debated who would emerge victorious in a face-off between Luffy and Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, given their strikingly similar abilities. Now, it appears that Fortnite might be gearing up to settle this debate once and for all.

Mr. Fantastic and Luffy are two of the most iconic characters that share the same powers and fans have wanted for so long to see both of them together in a crossover event. And now this might soon become a reality.

Fight Between Luffy and Reed Richards Might Finally Become a Reality


Recent rumors suggest that Fortnite could soon welcome characters from One Piece and Fantastic Four into its expansive roster. These rumors gained traction following Disney’s announcement of a hefty $1.5 billion investment in Epic Games, promising a new era of games and entertainment. With Disney’s previous acquisition of the Fantastic Four IP through its purchase of 20th Century Fox, the possibility of more Marvel and other IPs joining Fortnite seems quite plausible.

The rumors stem from sources like @Shpeshal_Nick & @xboxera, known for accurately leaking collaborations such as TMNT, Doom, and Avatar. Naturally, fans are buzzing with anticipation at the prospect of witnessing Luffy and Reed Richards facing off in Fortnite. Additionally, excitement for Mr. Fantastic is heightened as Pedro Pascal, a fan favorite, is seemingly confirmed to portray Reed Richards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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Evidence Points to Pascal’s Involvement

reed richards

Reports from late 2023 indicated Pascal’s potential casting as Reed Richards in the MCU’s rendition of Fantastic Four. Further fueling speculation, Pascal was listed as Reed Richards on the official SAG-AFTRA website, and director Matt Shakman shared then deleted an Instagram post featuring Pascal as Mr. Fantastic. Despite these hints, Pascal has remained tight-lipped about his MCU involvement, deflecting questions with humor.

As fans eagerly await Luffy’s potential showdown in Fortnite and Pascal’s portrayal of Mr. Fantastic in the MCU, there’s a shared hope that these beloved characters will finally receive the treatment they deserve, both in the virtual world of Fortnite and on the silver screen.

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