Mahoraga Vs Rika – Fans Debate Over All The Possible Outcomes Of Most Important Fight In Jujutsu Kaisen And The Winner MAy Surprise You

Rika and Mahoraga

Like any other shonen, Jujutsu Kaisen has missed depicting a few battles, but that hasn’t stopped the fandom from contemplating their outcome. The result of a potential Mahoraga vs Rika has gained different responses on social media.

Megumi Fushiguro will be alongside Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Mahoraga in this fan battle while the vengeful cursed spirit Rika will fight alongside her possessor, Yuta Okkotsu. Both Megumi and Yuta are capable sorcerers. Fushiguro was the first to summon Mahoraga in Chapter 238, while Yuta had to explore Rika’s past before being able to use her cursed energy.

Mahoraga vs Rika: Head on Head


Mahoraga is an uncontrollable shikigami, a monstrous creature that can be conjured by sorcerers, who is currently under the control of Ryomen Sukuna. It has the unique ability to adapt to techniques and render them ineffective. Mahoraga was a crucial component in the death of Satoru Gojo and Sukuna’s battle with Yorozu in Chapter 219.

Hailed by Suguru Geto to be the Queen of Curses, Rika was initially considered an untamable spirit until Yuta trusted his connection with her. He can fully manifest the spirit and channel her cursed energy. Besides possessing healing and defensive capabilities, Rika’s best ability is a cursed beam called ‘Pure Love’, which was able to overpower Geto along with his cursed spirit.

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Who Comes on Top in a Battle Between a Shikigami and a Cursed Spirit


Rika has the upper hand in the strength department, however. If she doesn’t start off with a massive attack then Mahoraga would just improvise, adapt, and overcome. She is also at a disadvantage since Rika doesn’t have a very wide range of attacks so if Mahoraga adapts to blunt force then it’s kind of game over for Rika. Her main asset in this fight would be her insane durability, I meant she took a 4,000 curse-powered Uzumaki to the face and still kept truckin.

It would take several strikes of the sword of extermination in quick succession to kill Rika. Her healing should be on par if not superior to the other curses in the series also. However, depending on the circumstances Mahoraga can become effectively invincible as seen by his surviving Malevolent Shrine.

Mahoraga would have the chance to come out on top because of its op technique and his sword of extermination. Sukuna even said that if he was a cursed spirit and wasn’t in Yuji’s body, then he would have died in one hit. That means Mahoraga can one-shot any cursed spirit we have seen in the main series.

Not even an evolved Mahito or that weed he hangs out with could stand up to Mahoraga. In addition to Mahoragas’s sword, he also has enough strength and speed to at least contend with Sukuna- a feat no other has yet to accomplish (not counting the Gojo fight).

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Fan Perspective: Weighing Out Both Options

A logical argument made by fans is that Mahoraga can instantly defeat Rika with his Sword of Extermination. A destroyer of cursed spirits, even Sukuna stated that he would’ve died if he was a normal cursed spirit during his battle with the Divine General.

However, Rika and Yuta have been shown to be a much more powerful tag team than most others. A few fans stated that the Queen of Curses will take the W against Mahoraga since the latter’s adaptation techniques will fail against the ever-changing sorcery of Yuta Okkotsu. Moreover, Rika has the ‘Pure Love’ power that is suspected to one-shot Mahoraga.

A major disadvantage of utilizing Mahoraga is that the sorcerer needs to be capable of taming it. Megumi let loose the shikigami after failing to control its powers while Rika and Yuta have a strong, inseparable bond because of their childhood friendship. Thus, the latter are more poised to win the Mahoraga vs Rika scenario, given that Gege Akutami prefers teamwork above energy displays.

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