What Are The Potara Earrings In Dragon Ball? How Did Goku Get Them?

Zamasu with Potara earrings
Zamasu with Potara earrings

Dragon Ball is known for its unique characters and amazing storyline. Although the anime relies heavily on hand-to-hand combat scenes, there are times when our heroes need some extra help. And that’s where the Potara earrings come into the picture.

Dragon Ball has many powerful artifacts like Z-sword, and Lorrin’s staff but these earrings are special as they grant their users the ability to fuse together and increase their powers tenfold. Keep reading to know all about them.

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What Are The Potara Earrings?

In Dragon Ball, Potara earrings is a significant tool used by individuals to increase their power levels in hope to overcome a formidable foe.  Although these are a set of normal looking earrings, they are unequal in their power of fusion.

They are worn by the Supreme Kais and their attendants. These artifacts have the ability to fuse two individuals into a single, more powerful entity. The fusion lasts for an hour in the Dragon Ball Z series and indefinitely in Dragon Ball GT.

The earrings were first introduced in the Dragon Ball Z series where it was used by Goku and Vegeta to create their fusion form Vegito and Gogeta.

How Did Goku Get The Potara Earrings?

Goku got the Potara earrings from the Supreme Kai, who was the guardian of the earrings in the Dragon Ball. The Z-fighters were in search of a way to defeat the powerful Majin Buu during the Buu Saga. The Supreme Kai offered to give Goku one of the Potara earrings, which would allow him to fuse with another person and become much stronger.

Goku accepted the offer and fused with his friend and rival, Vegeta, to become the way more powerful warrior Vegito. Later in Dragon Ball Super during tournament of power, Goku and Vegeta both received Potara earrings from the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, who were participating in the tournament.

How Many Types Of Potara Earrings Are There In Dragon Ball?

In the Dragon Ball series, there are two kinds of Potara earrings: The normal ones and the Time-Traveling earrings.

The standard Potara earrings are the ones that are worn by the Supreme Kais and their attendants and can fuse two people into a single, all the more remarkable entity. The combination goes on for an hour in the Dragon Ball Z series and endlessly in Dragon Ball GT.

The Time-Traveling Potara earrings are an exceptional sort of Potara earrings that were presented in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Fight. These earrings can send the wearer back in time and were utilized by Trunks and his allies to travel to past in order to keep the future from being annihilated by the Androids. These earrings are not found in the primary Dragon Ball anime or manga series.

It’s quite significant that in Dragon Ball Super, the Potara earrings are depicted as a technology that can be utilized by any being with the right information to utilize it. In this way, the earrings aren’t restricted to Supreme Kais only.

Can A Person Wear Both Potara Earrings?

In the Dragon Ball series, it isn’t shown that an individual can wear both Potara earrings. The earrings are intended to be worn two different individuals, with one earring worn on every ear. The earrings are utilized to fuse two people and make a single entity with off-the-graph power levels.

It is mentioned in the series that assuming one of the fusees is wearing one earring and the other individual is wearing the other, a Potara fusion will take place. On the other hand, if one individual wear the both earrings, no fusion will occur.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, it is shown that Goku Black, who is the fusion of Goku and Zamasu, wears the two earrings to his left side ear. but that is because he is already fused and the earrings are not used for the fusion process but rather to maintain it.

It’s likewise important that in the Dragon Ball series, Potara earrings are much of the time depicted as remarkable and strong items that are rare. So, probability of multiple pairs existing is thin making it near impossible for one individual to have more than one sets.

Why Does Goku Black aka Zamasu Wear Potara Earrings?

Goku Black, also known as Zamasu, is a character from the Dragon Ball Super series. He is a version of Goku from an alternate timeline who has been taken over by the evil entity Zamasu. In the series, Goku Black wears Potara earrings because he is actually the fused form of two beings: Zamasu, the Kai of Universe 10, and Goku from the alternate timeline.

The Potara earrings give its users the ability to achieve a permanent fusion in comparison to the temporary Fusion Dance technique. These earrings allowed Zamasu to control the physical form of Goku in addition to gaining access to his immense power.

After consuming Goku’s body and taking over his powers, Zamasu became almost unstoppable and not even Goku and Vegeta were powerful enough to take on him single handidly.

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