The Biden Department Of ‘Justice’ Is Suing Elon Musk Led SpaceX For Refusing To Hire Refugees And Asylum Seekers

Joe Biden and Elon Musk
Joe Biden and Elon Musk

Elon Musk is once again at a crossroads with the US government led by President Joe Biden. Musk is facing heat for not hiring a diverse enough group of people for his space technology and exploration company, SpaceX.

This is not the first time Elon Musk has been a target of the US government. He has also encountered difficulties with the federal government in the past, including receiving a notice for not revealing Twitter data of former President Trump.

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Why Is The US Government Suing Elon Musk Led SpaceX?

The US government is finally moving against Elon Musk led SpaceX for continuously ignoring the people who are asylees and refugees in their hiring process. Musk has previously said during an interview that “he doesn’t see age, gender, or race while hiring, If you’re capable you will be hired. He even went ahead and said that people don’t even need degrees to work at his companies but they should be knowledgeable in their particular field.”

“The lawsuit alleges that, from at least September 2018 to May 2022, SpaceX routinely discouraged asylees and refugees from applying and refused to hire or consider them, because of their citizenship status, in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act,” the Justice Department said about the legal procedure that found SpaceX in violation of federal law.

“Our investigation found that SpaceX failed to fairly consider or hire asylees and refugees because of their citizenship status and imposed what amounted to a ban on their hire regardless of their qualification, in violation of federal law,” US Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said.

One Twitter user shared their displeasure with the decision, “Our selective justice system strikes again.” Another user tweeted, “Musk should change his name to Hunter Biden and coerce foreign entities to get rich so the DOJ ignores him.”

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Biden Government Has Previously Ignored Tesla To Promote More Government-Friendly Manufacturers

Elon Musk-led Tesla was not invited to the White House with other corporate leaders in the EV market. This led to Musk issuing a statement in which he pointed out that Tesla sells more than 80% of all-electric vehicles sold in the United States.

Talking about whether he will take some action or do something about it Musk said, “They have nothing to worry about, I would do the right thing.”

Replying to an official mail from CNBC Musk said, “The notion of a feud is not quite right. Biden has pointedly ignored Tesla at every turn and falsely stated to the public that GM leads the electric car industry, when in fact Tesla produced over 300,000 electric vehicles last quarter and GM produced 26.”

“It got to the point, hilariously, where no one in the administration was even allowed to say the word ‘Tesla’! The public outrage and media pressure about that statement forced him to admit that Tesla does in fact lead the EV industry. I wouldn’t exactly call that ‘praise,’” Musk further added.

“I have nothing against Biden otherwise, apart from general concern about more deficit spending, which would apply to any president, and actively supported the Obama-Biden election,” Musk said.

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