How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller?

    Thomas Edison and his wife
    Thomas Edison and his wife

    Every kid growing up has heard the name of the famous inventor Thomas Edison. Yes, the one who invented the light bulb. But I doubt, even the keen interest takers know about his family, especially about the relationship with his wife. It is a very interesting tale to take a look at upon seeing the way of the proposal which we will see further below.

    The couple shared different ideologies, backgrounds, and connections yet they lived together for almost four decades. Their unknown stories and the way they spent their life is something to throw the limelight on.

    Who Was Thomas Edison

    Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor by passion and profession. He was born on 11th February 1847 in Milan, Ohio. His career is highly respected in the science community. The inventions he made still have applications now and make our lives much easier. Having over a thousand patents under his name, Edison is regarded as one of the greatest inventors and thinkers of all time keeping aside the controversy. Menlo Park, New Jersey was where Edison did most of his research and inventions.

    His most famous discovery was the working of Direct Current which made electricity move from a source to all the appliances necessary. Edison’s world-famous discovery, the light bulb is powered through this source but the science community felt otherwise or had mixed feelings about it. Aside from this, he also invented the phonograph, the first motion picture camera, and fluoroscopy. He died on 18th October 1931 in West Orange, New Jersey.

    Who Was Mina Miller

    Mina was an activist working in the area of education and the use of spaces available to the public. Her main area of prominence was Fort Myers in Florida. She was born on 6th July 1865. Her father Lewis Miller was a business magnate and her mother Mary Alexander managed the home.

    Due to her time spent at ‘Chautauqua’, a society founded by her father, she was exposed to many reformers, orators, and people who are willing to work for the betterment of women in all spheres as well as society.

    Edison’s Proposal To Miller

    Before marrying Mina Miller, Edison was married to Mary Stilwell who died in 1884 which sources claim was because of a morphine overdose. Edison met Miller at the house of a mutual friend when she was in West Orange, New Jersey. They had hit it off quite well. Because of Edison’s premature deafness, the couple conversed in signs and tones.

    During the time in which they lived, the talks of marriage and romanticism were not looked upon quite well in the public even in front of the family, so they had to codify their language. Edison taught Mina the Morse Code and this was the way Edison proposed to her. He tapped the proposal onto the hands of Mina and she said ‘Yes’ to it in the same way.

    After getting all the provisions sorted out, Thomas Edison and Mina Miller got married on 24th February 1886 and lived as a happy couple for forty-five years until Edison passed away in 1931. She left the world in 1947.

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