Where Was ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Filmed? All Filming Locations Of The James Bond Film

    James Bond in For Your Eyes Only
    James Bond in For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only is a part of the spy-thriller movie series and I believe the name itself is necessary to captivate as it needs no introduction. If one guessed James Bond, it is absolutely correct. It was released in 1981 placing itself in the twelfth number chronologically.

    James Bond is based on the novel created by Ian Fleming in 1953 that talks about a British Secret Service Agent who goes by the code ‘007’ and is given a license to kill. James Bond is considered to be the pioneer of the spy universe and thriller actions and is portrayed by legendary actors in the industry.

    Filming Locations Of ‘For Your Eyes Only’

    This 1981 release features Roger Moore for the fifth time as Mi6 agent James Bond. Based on early novelizations, Michael Wilson and Richard Maibaum gave the movie its screenplay. It was special because John Glen made his debut in direction with this film after being a constant part of this universe for a long time.

    A great set with such twists and turns with characters filled with revenge, hate, anger, and betrayal make the audience stuck to their seats. The primary locations of the filming of this James Bond movie were the 007 stage in Pinewood Studios, England, Italy, Greece, Russia, and the Bahamas.

    The Pinewood Studios And 007 Stage

    A central piece in British Filmmaking space and a recipient of accolades for their Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema, Pinewood Studios is the birthplace of James Bond universe productions. This studio apart from James Bond has seen many large franchises and blockbusters. It is located in Buckinghamshire, England.

    The 007 or the James Bond Stage is part of Pinewood Studios forming to be one of the largest sound stages ever made. It is named to Albert R. Broccoli stage who is one of the producers of James Bond films known for his exemplary producing ideas. This stage featured the post-production of For Your Eyes Only and shooting the underwater scene of wrecked St. Georges.

    London, England

    The heart and the home of Bond and the entire Secret Service, London is one of the prominent shooting locations. Saville Row, Westminster Lane, Bond Street, Mayfair, London Eye, and many more form the prime destinations in the country itself.

    Moscow, Russia

    Any spy-thriller based in Russia is shown to have a villainous nature with regard to people playing the bad guy always choosing this place to take shelter or run the operations from here and is the same for James Bond films as well.

    Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

    This location is nestled in the Alps and gained fame as the host of many winter sports activities. The scenic beauty and slopes made the scene of Bond being chased by the skier Erich Kriegler, the KGB operative.

    Corfu, Greece

    The meeting between James Bond and Melina was shot in Corfu town Pontinkonisi. This southeastern country is always on the choice of directors if they are in need of exotic locations or subtle backdrops.

    The Bahamas

    Titled the perfect holiday vacation and the checkpoint for a spy chase, The Bahamas was also one of the filming locations. In fact, it was the hometown of Sean Connery, who played the first James Bond in 1962.

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