Elizabeth Huberdeau – John Cena’s Ex-Wife, Family, Career, And Net Worth

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena
Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a 43-year-old woman who gained fame because she was married to one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the world, John Cena. From the time of her marriage till the present date, her life has been a roller-coaster ride filled with turns of uncertainties.

An aspirant to be a model and marry a star was somewhat her desire all the way through. Huberdeau’s fame was the outcome of the curiosities of the fans as people like to follow their idols to the closest proximity and family becomes one of the most important parts of it.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Facts

Birth PlaceGroveland, Massachusetts
Birth DateSeptember 28, 1979
CareerReal Estate Agent
ResidenceTampa, Florida
Marital StatusDivorced
Weight54 kg
Star SignLibra
Height5 ft 4 inch

Elizabeth Huberdeau Family

Elizabeth was born in a simple yet supportive family in Groveland, Massachusetts. She had a lovely family consisting of her parents and a younger brother. Her father went by the name Gene R Huberdeau and her mother is Elizabeth A. Huberdeau. Adam Huberdeau is the name of her brother who is currently employed by the Groveland Fire Department. Apart from this dangerous venture, he also works at the Utility Services by Feeney Brothers.

Her father was a police officer in the county but sadly in 2015 at the age of 76 he left the abode and Elizabeth lost her father. Her mother on the other hand is a homemaker.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Education and Career

No actual confirmation is in the public domain from where she completed her high school but rumors say it was Central Catholic High School in Massachusetts. She graduated from Springfield College. Before getting married, she used to work as a real estate agent and the work is still in progress to the present day.

She shifted to Tampa, Florida at a very young age. After much hunting for jobs, this venture seems fit for her and she got on with it at that very moment. There are rumors that she incorporated a company for her business but it is still a long-lost way.

About John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena also called John Cena is an American wrestler who is somewhat of an all-rounder as he acts in films, portrays himself as a dressing icon, and is highly acknowledged for his stage wit and entertaining personality. He had one of the most distinguished careers in wrestling for over two decades winning a record of sixteen titles.

Known for his iconic rumbled intro and ‘You can’t see me’ gesture, John Cena needs no introduction of the sort as he carries an aura with him lasting his impression for a long amount of time. His jovial nature and humor are something to be frequented about.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Relationships

Elizabeth and John were known acquaintances from high school. Their shared glances turned to shared lunches and finally to a relationship. They started dating then and there. Their dating life seemed to be the talk of the whole town and everybody was certain that marriage is near and it really was.

Huberdeau and Cena got married on 11th July 2009 but who knew the journey would reach its climax very soon. Sharing love from high school did not stop them from getting a divorce when it was finalized on 18th July 2012. The very reason for their breakup was thrown allegations of extra-marital affairs. During the proceedings, it was cased that John Cena was involved with another wrestler Nikki Bella. It was somewhat of a discomforting issue.

Currently, Elizabeth Huberdeau is in a relationship with Eli Ayoub. They are dating since 2018 but the very reason it was a piece of silent news because she lost her limelight after the end of her previous relationship.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Residence

Elizabeth lives in Florida continuing to work in real estate living a self-sufficient and successful life. In my opinion, the very reason she chose to live here was the weather suiting people with her traits and moreover the investments in buildings being brokered considering it a very smart move.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

Elizabeth is estimated to be worth around $55-$60 million. Most of her wealth came from the money that John Cena paid in the divorce settlement. The other significant part is contributed through her commissions in the real estate world.

FAQs About Elizabeth Huberdeau

Q. Is Elizabeth Huberdeau still married?
Ans. No, her divorce from John Cena was finalized in 2012.
Q. What does Elizabeth Huberdeau do for a living?
Ans. She is working as a real estate agent.
Q. Where does Elizabeth Huberdeau reside?
Ans. She currently lives in Florida.

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