10 Lowest Rated Marvel Series Of All Time

10 lowest-rated Marvel series
10 lowest-rated Marvel series

Marvel Universe is notoriously famous for producing some of the best superhero plotlines of all time. However, as with everything, MCU is not free of criticism and some of the lowest-rated creations to this day.

Hence, this article breaks down the top 10 lowest-rated television series ever created by the Marvel Universe. Let’s dive right into it.

The 10 Lowest-Rated Marvel Series Of All Time


‘Inhumans’ was released by Marvel in 2017 and the series was aired on ABC. However, the royal superhuman race of MCU failed to charm the audience due to the lack of a creative plotline, the acting skills of the cast, and poor CGI effects. It had only one season as further production was canceled due to an IMDB rating of 4.9.

Ms. Marvel

‘Ms. Marvel’ was 2022 Marvel miniseries featuring a teenage superhero called Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel. The adaptation of the beloved comic character disappointed viewers as the plotline and key characters in the series were young and hence, the younger audience was satisfied whereas the older ones felt left out. Thus, the series garnered an IMDB rating of 6.2.

Iron Fist

‘Iron Fist’ is a Marvel television series based on the comic character of the same name. The series has 2 seasons that portray the story of Danny Rand. It failed to captivate the audience mainly because of poor action scenes and disappointing dialogue written by the creators. Throughout its run, it managed to amass an IMDB rating of 6.4.

Marvel Studios: Legends

‘Marvel Studios: Legends’ is a Marvel creation that focuses on the stories of several MCU heroes, villains, and objects that appear throughout the Marvel comics. As the docuseries was mostly a recap of Marvel’s best moments, it failed to hold the attention of the viewers and managed to get an IMDB rating of 6.5.

Cloak and Dagger

‘Cloak and Dagger’ narrates the story of two teenagers called Tandy Bowen or Dagger and Tyrone Johnson or Cloak as they navigate their friendship and powers along with fighting dark forces. This creation has an IMDB rating of only 6.6 due to the poor plot execution and faulty narration of the relationship between the two leads.

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‘Helstrom’ is a 2020 Marvel production that follows the protagonists’ Ana and Daimon in their hunt for evil forces amongst humanity. The series disappointed its viewers because of inferior visuals and the exclusion of a proper magical touch to the narration. With 1 season it has an IMDB rating of 6.7.


‘Runaways’ is a Marvel television series with three seasons in total. It revolves around a group of six teenagers who join hands to fight against their criminal and evil parents. The show was a lackluster and mediocre creation due to poor execution, plot writing, and middling performances by the actors. It has an IMDB rating of 6.9.

Avengers Assemble

‘Avengers Assemble’ is an animated series based on the Marvel Comic characters – Avengers. It follows characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and many more. On IMDB, the series garnered only a 6.9 rating as over the span of 5 seasons, the plotline became repetitive and predictable which resulted in the loss of viewers.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ is a Marvel miniseries that revolves around the life of Jennifer Walters – a single attorney in her 30s who transforms into a green-colored giant superhero. The major disappointing factor of the series was the lack of a good special effect which is the key point in the visual of the series. It has a very poor IMDB rating of 5.2.

Blade: The Series

‘Blade: The Series’ is a 2006 television series based on the Marvel Comic superhero. It narrates the adventurous journey of the lead character – Blade as he delves deeper into the world of vampires who exist amongst humans. It wasn’t a huge success as it fell in the shadow of the classic ‘Blade’ trilogy and was constantly compared to its predecessor.  The show amassed an overall IMDB rating of 6.3.

These are the 10 lowest-rated Marvel series created to his day.

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