Top 10 Most Famous Power Ranger TV Series Of All Time

Power Rangers
Power Rangers

Power Rangers is a live-action superhero media and merchandise franchise based on the popular Japanese franchise – ‘Super Sentai’. So far, the successful cinematic franchise has created 29 seasons of Power Rangers with distinct plotlines and superheroes. The franchise has also released 3 theatrical films so far.

In this article, we are going to break down the top 10 most famous and well-created Power Ranger TV series of all time.

The Top 10 Power Ranger TV Series

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 3)

The third season of the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ which was released back in 1995 is considered to be the pivotal season in the cinematic franchise because it was this particular season that led to the massive success and popularity of the series. In this season, the Rangers are granted ninja powers after meeting with a warrior. These powers helped the Rangers to fight against the two infamous villains — Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa who wanted to conquer the world.

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

‘Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy’ was released back in 1999. This season was based in outer space and revolved around the journey of the power rangers to find a planet with conditions to sustain life. In this space adventure, the rangers fight all sorts of villains in the vast dark nothingness. What sets this season apart from other seasons is the fact that it was the first-ever season of the franchise to depict the death or sacrifice of a beloved Power Ranger.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

This season was released in 2004 and was mainly focused on a dinosaur-themed plotline. The plotline revolves around a villain called Mesogog who is on a mission to eradicate human life and bring back dinosaurs on earth, and how the power rangers fight and defeat such a malicious villain. This season is considered to be one of the best seasons of the entire Power Ranger series because of all the jam-packed action scenes and a fun narrative.

Power Rangers S.P.D

‘Power Rangers S.P.D’ was released in 2005. With an innovative plotline, this season was based on a futuristic earth where humans and aliens co-existed peacefully with each other. S.P.D stands for Special Patrol Delta, which fights evil forces to protect the peace on the planet. The interesting factor was the combined efforts of police and criminals to solve certain hiccups together.

Power Rangers: Time Force

This particular season was released back in 2001. It was a fun time-traveling season with evil and dark creatures traveling back in time from the future to destroy humanity and cause irreparable damage. And just like the bad guys, the power rangers were also from the future who travel in time to stop the havoc from ensuing. The science fiction element in this season was a delight for viewers interested in time traveling.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

It was released back in 2006 and was the first season in the franchise to incorporate magic and mystical elements in the plot. The Power Rangers make use of magic to fight against evil forces. The costume of the magician rangers is also a bit different with an addition of a cloak in it.

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Power Rangers: Wild Force

‘Power Rangers: Wild Force’ was released back in 2002. The plotline was unique and impactful as it depicted an earth that was severely suffering from pollution. In such a scenario, the power rangers were sent to Earth to tackle the issue of an alien race trying to destroy nature. This plotline emphasized the importance of sustainable development and the existence of humans to protect nature from depletion.

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

This installment of the franchise was released back in 2000. The plot was set in Mariner Bay, California. It followed the journey of the rangers as they fight and defend the city from nasty and malicious demon creatures. The notable aspect of this season is the inclusion of an exclusive American ranger called the Titanium ranger.

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

This action-packed season was released back in 2003. The plot narrates the story of 6 trainee ninjas who transform into power rangers with super ninja skills when their academy was attacked by dark forces. This season was a fun addition to the franchise as it consisted of plenty of well-executed ninja-like fight scenes. It was also the first season to feature a blue female ranger.

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury was released back in 2008. It narrates the journey of three Kung Fu students who transform into the Jungle Fury Power Rangers with the help of their Kung Fu master. In this installment, they fight against an evil man called Dai Shi who has sinister plans. Later, the team of trio rangers grows with the inclusion of 2 more members. This season was the last of the franchise to be aired on Jetix.

These were the top 10 Power Rangers series of all time.

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