New Leaked Footage of Demon Slayer Shows Wind and Snake Breathing style in action

In the world of Demon Slayer, the Hashira stand tall as the most powerful demon slayers. Among them, two unique individuals wield distinct breathing styles and personalities: the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and the Serpent Hashira, Obanai Iguro.

Both Sanemi and Obanai possess incredible strength and resilience, even earning Demon Slayer Marks, a testament to their power pushing their limits. Sanemi’s Mark grants him enhanced speed and reflexes, while Obanai’s increases his agility and flexibility.

The Leaked Footage Shows the Upcoming Action from ‘Demon Slayer Season 4’

The leaked footage is more than 1 minute long and depicts both Sanemi and Obanai in action. The level of animation is very bold and holds up to the standard of Demon Slayer that fans have fallen in love with over time. This surprise leak has made it only hard for fans who have been waiting for the season 4 for so long.

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Wind Hashira and Snake Hashira and Their Unique Breathing Style

Sanemi, the Gale of Fury

wind hashira Sanemi

Imagine a tempestuous warrior, hair like windblown flames, wielding dual katanas with the speed of a hurricane. That’s Sanemi! His Wind Breathing style lives up to his image. Each technique is named after a different aspect of a storm: Gale Dance, Dust Whirlwind, and the devastating Divine Wind.

His movements are unpredictable, ferocious, and often leave craters in their wake. Sanemi’s a force of nature, both in power and personality. He’s blunt, impulsive, and harbors a deep grudge against demons, fueled by tragic past experiences.

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Obanai, the Silent Serpent

snake hashira Obanai

Obanai cuts a stark contrast. Calm and collected, with an almost serpentine grace, he wields a uniquely designed Nichirin Blade: a thin, dual-edged sword for unorthodox strikes. His Serpent Breathing style reflects this fluidity.

Winding Slash sees him slither around opponents, delivering unpredictable attacks, while Constricting Serpent coils around foes, squeezing the life out of them. Obanai’s quiet demeanor hides a sharp intellect and unwavering resolve. He’s deeply dedicated to his duty and harbors a surprising soft spot for his fellow Hashira, Mitsuri.

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Their Styles Clash

Despite their differing personalities, Sanemi and Obanai have moments of teamwork, their contrasting styles complementing each other in battle. Imagine a whirlwind creating openings for the serpent to strike, or the serpent’s unpredictable movements confusing the enemy for the wind to deliver the final blow. It’s a mesmerizing dance of fury and finesse!

So, there you have it! The Wind and Serpent Hashira, are two unique warriors who embody the power and diversity of the Demon Slayer corps. Remember, there’s so much more to discover about them in the anime and manga, so get ready to be swept away by their storms and coils!

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