New Theory Explains Black Frieza’s True Goal And Why He Spared Goku & Vegeta


The much-anticipated comeback of Black Frieza at the end of the Granolah the Survivor Saga in Dragon Ball Super raised eyebrows among fans. Despite his newfound superior strength, Black Frieza chose not to eliminate Goku and Vegeta, sparking confusion among viewers. His cryptic remark about targeting something other than the Saiyans left many wondering about his true motives.

Previous chapters provide some clues into Frieza’s enigmatic agenda. In chapter #12, Universe 6’s Angel Vados offers Hit the Cube Spaceship as an incentive to join the tournament against Universe 7. While Hit ultimately declines the offer, the significance of the Cube Spaceship becomes apparent. It could hold the key to Frieza’s next move.

The Cube Spaceship: A Game-Changer?


Speculation arises that Frieza might be after the Cube Spaceship to travel to Universe 6 and conquer its Saiyans. This twisted plan would exact the ultimate revenge on Goku and Vegeta, forcing them to witness the enslavement of their counterparts in another universe.

Frieza’s recent display of power on planet Cereal suggests he could easily overpower any resistance in Universe 6. One obstacle to this theory is Frieza’s potential ignorance of the Cube Spaceship’s existence.

His absence during previous Cube Spaceship travels raises questions about his knowledge of its capabilities. However, possibilities exist for Frieza to have learned about it through interactions with Frost or his ties to Beerus.

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Black Frieza’s Sinister Scheme Unfolds


Frieza’s decision to spare Goku and Vegeta hints at a larger, more nefarious plan. Destroying the Saiyan race of Universe 6 would deliver a devastating blow to his foes, inflicting emotional torment beyond measure.

As Frieza’s scheme unfolds, Goku, Vegeta, and possibly other allies must rise to stop him, setting the stage for Dragon Ball Super’s next gripping arc.

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