The Only Dragon Ball Z Hero Who Can Beat the Mighty Beerus and It’s Not Goku

beerus and Goku

In the vast world of anime and manga, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball stands as a timeless titan, captivating audiences for over four decades with its iconic characters and thrilling adventures. Among these characters, one anomaly stands out: Beerus, the fearsome God of Destruction.

Despite Beerus’s immense power, there exists a mortal capable of not only defeating him but also humiliating him: Bulma. Yes, you read that right. Bulma, the brilliant inventor and longtime ally of the Z fighters, possesses a seemingly innocuous candy that grants her control over Beerus’s internal functions, including his bowel movements.

Bulma’s Cunning Invention Has The Capacity To Defeat Beerus

vegeta and bulma


Bulma’s character has been integral to the Dragon Ball saga from its early days, often providing crucial technological innovations to aid her friends in their battles to save the universe. However, her most surprising creation is undoubtedly the candy with the power to manipulate Beerus’s bowels.

This candy, when ingested by its target, grants Bulma complete control over their digestive system. As demonstrated with Oolong in Dragon Ball, a simple utterance from Bulma can trigger immediate and uncontrollable diarrhea in the affected individual.

Considering Beerus’s fondness for Earth’s cuisine, this presents a hilariously effective means of subduing the mighty God of Destruction.

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Dragon Ball’s Future: Dragon Ball: Daima

Dragon Ball Diama

Looking ahead, TOEI Animation has unveiled their latest project in the Dragon Ball universe: Dragon Ball: Daima, set for release in fall 2024. This announcement has sparked excitement among fans, especially considering Akira Toriyama’s increased involvement in the production.

With acclaimed director Aya Komaki joining the team alongside veteran animators Yoshitaka Yashima, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the Dragon Ball saga. As the series promises new adventures and revelations, the legacy of Dragon Ball continues to evolve, delighting audiences worldwide.

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