Disney’s Pixar Misses The Mark Big Time With New Release ‘Elemental’

Disney Pixar's 'Elemental'
Disney Pixar's 'Elemental'

Disney’s Pixar is infamous for creating and producing some of the best creative and visually appealing animated stories over the years. Each production by Pixar is highly anticipated and acclaimed for its diversity, inclusion, humor, and eye-catching aesthetics.

However, its latest release is deemed to fall short of the successful Pixar legacy. In this article, we are going to take a look at ‘Elemental’ which is the latest animation by Pixar, and will discuss the possible reasons for its cold reception by the audience.

What Is Disney Pixar’s New Upcoming Release ‘Elemental’?

‘Elemental’ is an upcoming fantasy, comedy, and drama animation produced by Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. It is the 27th project released by Pixar. The animated film is directed by Peter Sohn.

It is a narration of opposites falling in love. A fire lady and a water boy who represent the water and fire elements of earth, fall in love with each other. Due to their physical differences, the two cannot touch each other which makes it difficult for them to navigate through their relationship.

The concept of the film is unique as it has chosen the various elements of the planet to be the fictional characters and the setting in the plotline of the film. On 27th May 2023, the animation was released at the Cannes film festival. It is all set to hit the global theatres on 16th June 2023.

Why Did Pixar Fail To Meet The Mark With Its New Project?

With a special screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, ‘Elemental’ received a lukewarm reception from viewers and critics which is contrary to the usual successful reception of past Pixar movies.

Many influential critics criticized the film for being repetitive and predictable in terms of its storyline. Deadline has called out the film for lacking sarcasm. It said There just isn’t a line or a situation that would make you laugh out loud. There are bits that are just plain dull.”

Variety, on the other hand, has taken a swing at the film’s entire concept by stating “The whole scenario seems forced: so much world-building to tell a story better suited to flesh-and-blood human characters”.

With so many negative remarks, the animation has for sure missed the big mark with critical reception. However, the film is due to be released soon. Thus, the viewer’s opinion will only tell whether the film is a complete blunder or somewhat of a success.

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