Controversial ‘Barbie Botox’ Trend Leads To People Splurging On Neck Lengthening Procedures

Barbie Botox
Barbie Botox trending in the world

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has made a lot of impact in the world. Be it positive or negative. The messages conveyed by the characters in the movie have entered the deepest roots in people’s hearts. From body positivity to gender norms, the movie is a mix of representation, along with sensible message delivery.

However, the body positivity aspect of the movie goes amiss in the real world. While the Barbie body was a thing when the dolls were initially released, the world did forget about it for the time being. The dolls had unnatural body proportions with long necks and slim waists. Though Greta’s Barbie was nowhere near setting those unfair and unnatural beauty standards, it looks like the world has set them up again.

Barbie Botox Trend

This entire Barbie Botox trend started going viral on TikTok last year. And the hashtag for this trend has over 4 Million views. “Barbie Botox” is the procedure that flattens one’s shoulders such that their necks look longer. The surgeons inject botulinum toxin into one’s body near the trapezius muscles during the procedure. This trend of wanting elongated necks started in the 1950s. Mattel released their first ever Barbie doll in 1959.

The procedure however is not a cheap one. There are many people who have spent nearly 800 Thousand Euros in surgeries alike. For them, it’s not about money. It’s to look like fictional characters whose character designs might change anytime. The process does not really elongate one’s neck. It is more like relaxing one’s shoulder muscles such that their necks look longer.

Procedure For The Surgery

Doctors Danilo C Del Campo and Danilo V Del Campo explained the procedure. The procedure goes on for months. The cost price of one surgery is a couple of thousand dollars. The doctors use at least 6 to 10 injections depending on the location of the surgery. Months pass before the result of the botox is visible clearly. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks for the initial changes to start showing. However, one round of surgery is said to last a minimum of 3 to 4 months. It depends on the toxins used during the surgery.

What Happens If The Surgery Goes Wrong?

The surgery might have post-operative complications. Health issues and pains in the body can be felt. Muscle spasms, migraines, and trapezius hypertrophy are all symptoms. The doctors suggest going to the doctor if anything of that sort happens. Better Safe Always.

“Myself, I’m not speaking for or against it, but it’s one that does cost a lot of money for very subtle changes,” said doctor Campo.

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