Does Media Consumption Influence Our Personality, Or Does Our Personality Influence Our Media Consumption?

    Social Media vs Personality
    Social Media vs Personality

    Media is one of the major sources of information and knowledge since its inception, whether it is print media or electronic media, cinema, and news channels. Technology has evolved in many ways and so does the media. This is the time of social media, where lots of traditional ways are changing and we are being served with different types of content. The major change is the size of info and content that is being provided to us in this new technological era.

    In the outer world, we made our own choices with our natural habits and thoughts. But can we do the same when we are dealing with the media world? Does this not affect our brain function? There are a few studies on this question.

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    Our Own Choices

    Everybody wants a perfect start to their day and generally, some of us start it with a newspaper, newsfeed app, and sometimes with a news channel on tv. We habitually select our favorite kind of segment in the news and so we do with the source material. Many of us also like to watch our favorite movies, tv shows, and documentaries. We like to use those social media apps, which soothe us well.

    In the initial phase, we are the decider of our choices and interest, as normal functioning human beings. It is like, in a normal environment nobody forces you to eat bad food. The relationship between humans and media is reciprocal. So, media also make an impact on an individual’s ideas, thought processes, likes, dislikes, attitudes, activities, etc.

    Media: Shaping The Individuals Personality

    Internet expansion has made everything easily available. A wide range of services is just one click away whether it’s food, grocery, entertainment, electronics, or medicine. Social media and OTT are now taking space in people’s interests and entertainment activities. The internet is spreading its arms all around the globe, even rural areas have a large number of social media users.

    The technologies in the field of cinema are also evolving, and these advanced experiences of movies attract the audience. We are surrounded by this kind of environment, nobody will leave untouched by the media. So, let’s discuss the impact of media on human personality.

    Positive Impact

    Media connects us to the outer world and make us up to date with the happenings around the globe. The introverted person can also interact with others without any hesitation and fear of rejection. Social media connects us to new people and give us exposure to making new friends. It is such a kind of platform, which give us the opportunity to express ourselves.

    We can learn some health tips through media and help us to motivate ourselves. We can motivate and inspire ourselves by following the fitness personality on social media and this will help us to shape our bodies in a good form.

    There are lots of channels containing creative info and they can help us to be creative individuals. Sometimes, social media fill us with topics that are not easily available to the public. We can solve our queries through this. Its help us to put our opinion on a particular matter and boost our confidence, and communication skill in the virtual world.

    People watch many movies and tv series daily, which are heavily informative and give us knowledge of many concepts. We can also watch spiritual content on social media which is helpful for our inner peace.

    Negative Impact

    Everything comes with its own pros and cons, and so does the media. Overuse of something is always inappropriate. The technology of media, which shapes us for our advantage and development has side effects also. So, let’s discuss the negative outcome.

    Social media can create FOMO (fear of missing out) among users. People can think that they aren’t updated with the latest trends and news. This can reach up to the level of constant use and scrolling and make people see their phone every time the notification rings.

    Social media is sometimes responsible for creating a negative body image in people. When people follow the content of fitness trainers, models, and bodybuilders they gradually start to compare themselves to their ideals and thus pave the way for unhealthy eating habits to be in a good shape. When the outcomes aren’t good, people started to feel low about their bodies.

    We consume lots of movies and tv series, and some of them are filled with violence, hatred, and bloodshed, which is not good for the mental health of youth as they sometimes make the connection to these scenes. Social interpersonal skills become lesser in real life as we engage most of our time in the virtual world.

    The biased nature of some media content forces us to create false concepts and beliefs, which is not suitable for knowledge-seeking adults. The young generation is keeping themselves busy on social media and the overuse of media makes their attention span short as they do regular scrolling on apps. This is making them disinterested in other activities and affects their learning capabilities.

    Scientific Evidence

    The Royal Society For Public Health has conducted a survey about the side effect of social media. They gathered a sample of people, aged 14-24, and asked them a few questions related to the survey. The researchers found that overuse of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter all led people to anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness.

    Another study found out about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in children and adolescents, when they overconsume social media. This led them to poor academic performance, loneliness, aggression, anxiety, ignorance, etc.


    We have discussed the good and the bad about media and how it has affected our minds since the inception of social media. This is created to entertain our needs and help us to relax our minds and body. In the beginning, we all used this out of curiosity and for entertainment purposes, we opt to choose the topics, which suits our own interests respectively and prefer our own choices.

    But the pattern of users suggests that once someone exposes to the media, the fancy surroundings and the environment of the apps start to attract them. Gradually, the algorithm starts to influence the individual mind and personality. When we become habitual and addicted, the control of our activities loses itself at the hand of the media. 

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