The Weirdest Torture Methods Known To Human History

    Torture Methods
    Torture Methods

    Human history has loaded with its evolution around many things. We have reached many miles since the beginning and changed in many ways throughout this journey. But our cruel elements and sadistic pleasures have never been away from us. You have heard about many punishments in the present legal system but have you ever listened about the torture methods, the ancient world practiced? They were, psychological, and physical, in their nature.

    You can’t even imagine the degree of horror the human went through at that time. Let’s talk about, some of the worst methods of torture of ancient times.

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    Top 10 Most Painful Torture Methods In History

    1. Chinese Water Torture

    This method was invented, to mentally tackle the victim as this was to play a psychological impact on the person. In this method, the victim was tied down, and then cold water is slowly dropped on the victim’s scalp and forehead. This process would have been carried out for days. This brought fear, anxiety, and mental breakdown to the subject. The continued drips would make sure the irritation in the victim.

    2. Blood Eagle

    The source tells, that this was practiced in ancient Scandinavia by the Vikings. This was some sort of ritual, in which the victims’ backs would have been cut in a manner so that the ribs can be separated from the spine. They cut open the lungs and pulled the skin and bones outward so the wings can be formed. King Ella of Northumbria was executed in this manner.

    3. Rat Torture

    This was practiced in many parts of Europe in medieval and ancient times. A cage filled with rats has to be put on the victim’s abdomen, the cage was commonly warmed so the rats have to find another way out. After a while rats have to gnaw their way out of the human flesh, as the soft surface of the victims’ abdomen would make it easy for rats. This was very painful and horrific to see.

    4. The Brazen Bull

    According to some accounts, the brazen bull was made to imitate the sound of the bull as the victim was tortured inside. This was a unique torture method. In this process, the subject was laid inside this device, which was similar to a bull, and then the fire burnt beneath this device. The flame continued until the victim was roasted to death. The method was practiced in ancient Greece and Rome.

    5. Breast Ripper

    This torture method was specifically designed for women, accused of adultery. This device was made of iron with sharp claws, which were usually heated. The instrument has been fit on a woman’s breast and then slowly ripped the flesh and blood out of it. It caused women to suffer like hell. It was made to create fear among women.

    6. The Rack

    The earliest known legend of this process was of ancient Greece. This was a wooden device, shaped in a rectangular form. The victim was forcefully laid on this, with tied hands, and then his hand and heels have to tie with a leather strip attached to a rope. Both ends of the person were attached to a lever, and there was a roller on both hands. After this victim’s hands have fastened with one roller and his feet with the other. Then the lever was used to create tension on the body as the roller moved, gradually the pressure reached to the level, where the limbs, bones, and skin ripped apart.

    7. Elephant Trample

    The sources said, that this originated in South and South-East Asia. This was widely used in the Indian subcontinent. In this torture method, trained Asian elephants were used. They crushed the victim slowly, that’s why it was a painful experience to die. This was generally used in a public execution.

    8. Live Burial

    This was practiced in many parts of the world. This was the practice, in which the victim was buried alive in a grave and would have been left with no air until they died from suffocation and dehydration. Sometimes the subject is sealed in a wall within a closed space, this process is called immurement. The person died from fear and asphyxia.

    9. Saw Torture

    Many accounts talked about the use of this method in ancient times. In this horrific torture method, the victims were usually hung upside down, which increased the blood flow to the head. After this, a large size saw was placed between his legs and the executioner slowly cut the person in half. This was an extremely cruel way of killing. It is called death by sawing.

    10. Chair Torture

    This was used to make people confess by torturing them. The chair was made of sharp spikes, which were intended to pierce the skin. In this torture method, victims were placed on an iron chair, then interrogated harshly. The person was tied down tightly on the chair, so the spikes punctured through the flesh. This chair method was known by many names in the different parts of the world, according to their unique styles.

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