“Gold, Grey, And Blue”: Elon Musk Announces Three Different Color Verification Badges For Twitter Users. Everything You Need To Know

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

It has been a rough last month for Elon Musk since he has taken over Twitter. From major lay-offs to walkouts things are not going easy in Twitter headquarters. Elon Musk has been vocal about Twitter’s loss-making practices, bots on the platform, and how Twitter verifying individuals’ official status was a bad thing as it created different classes on the platform.

Elon’s solution to the problem was an open-to-all subscription plan to receive an official blue tick for just $8 per month. He rolled out this feature as soon as he took over Twitter but things went south. A lot of Twitter users started exploiting this feature as they bought the blue tick and changed their names to impersonate other official users or companies and all hell broke loose. Elon had to roll back this feature to stop the mayhem and now he has come back with a solution. So, what is it? Read on to find out.

What Are The New Different Colored Verification Badges And Who Will Receive What Color?

Elon Musk, in a reply to a user’s query about why he can’t subscribe to the $8 blue tick subscription, said, “Sorry for the delay, we’re tentatively launching Verified on Friday next week. Gold check for companies, grey check for government, blue for individuals (celebrity or not) and all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before check activates. Painful, but necessary.”

Elon further added, “All verified individual humans will have the same blue check, as the boundary of what constitutes “notable” is otherwise too subjective. Individuals can have secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org. Longer explanation next week.”

Will It Solve The Impersonation Problem?

There is a possibility that bad elements will still try to exploit this feature but Elon has confirmed that all subscribing individuals will go through a manual checking before receiving the badge of verification. He termed the process painful but necessary.

Elon has also shared that anyone who is intentionally impersonating any other individual or organization with wrong intentions in mind will be permanently suspended. He further clarified that any account with a similar name to some celebrity or organization will not be banned if they mention in their name and bio that they are a parody account.

Only time will tell if these preventive measures will bring any good to the Twitter subscription program or unleash chaos same like before.

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