US States With Zero Tolerance Policy On Weed

    In some American states, it is illegal to possess weed
    In some American states, it is illegal to possess weed

    Cannabis which is also popularly known as Marijuana is a non-chemical variety of drug that is derived from the cannabis plant. It originally grows in Central or South Asia and for centuries has been used as a drug for both recreational and traditional medicinal purposes. However, due to the psychological effects caused by its consumption, weed is mostly illegal around the globe.

    In the United States of America, several states have adopted a tad bit tolerant attitude towards it by decriminalizing weed usage. Yet, there remain some states in the USA that have a zero-tolerance policy on weed. Let’s take a look at all those states.

    The US States With Zero-Tolerance Policy On Weed


    In the state of Georgia, it is an act of crime to possess weed. The punishment for illegal possession of about 28 gm is 1000 USD as a fine or up to 12 months in prison. And for possessing more than 28 gm, a maximum of 10 years of jail time. However, it is important to note that in some cities in the state like Atlanta, Clarkson, Savannah, Forest Park, Statesboro, and South Fulton it has been decriminalized.


    In Texas, it is illegal to possess weed. Possessing 57 gm of the stuff can lead to a punishment of 2000 USD as a fine and six months in jail. As of 2021, limited medical usage of cannabis in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, Autism, multiple sclerosis, and terminal cancer is legal.


    It is a felony to own weed in Wisconsin. A person can be punished with 10000 USD as a fine and 3.5 years of jail time. As of 2020, a maximum of 28 gm of weed can be kept by a person for personal usage without being charged for an offense. In the cities of Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin, it has been decriminalized.


    In Wyoming, it is considered to be illegal to possess weed. For up to 85 gm possession, the punishment given is 1000 USD and 1 year in prison.


    In the state of Idaho, the possession of up to 85 gm or less weed is punishable with 1 year in prison or 1000 USD as a fine. While for having more than 85 gm and up to 0.45 kg a person will face 5 years in prison or 10000 USD as a fine.

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    In Indiana, the usage of weed is prohibited since 1913. Illegal consumption or possession is punishable by 6 months in prison and 1000 USD. The notable aspect is that in Marion County it is decriminalized in recent times.


    In Iowa cannabis is a felony and a person will face jail time or a huge fine as a punishment. However, the nature of both punishments is not fixed and it might differ from one case to another depending on the amount of weed in question. It is only legally allowed to be used for limited medical purposes.


    In the state of Kansas, cannabis is prohibited since 1927 and to this day it is a felony to be in possession or influence of it. And just like in Iowa, the nature of the punishment is not specified and may vary. Limited m medical usage is legal in the state.

    South Carolina

    In the state of South Carolina, it is an act of misdemeanor and punishable to use weed for common or personal usage. However, since 2014, Governor Nikki Haley made it legal to use cannabis in the treatment of severe epilepsy disease in children with medical guidance.


    In Tennesse, first-time possession of weed is punishable with one year of probation time under supervision. And more than 14 gm of weed possession is considered to be an act of felony if the same person is guilty a second time. It may land the person for an extended time in prison. It is however legal to possess medicinal cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy disease.

    These are all the states of America that do not allow the usage of weed by the common public to this day.

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