Top 10 DC Comic Superheroes Who May Appear In James Gunn’s DCU

DC's co-CEO James Gunn
DC's co-CEO James Gunn

With James Gunn’s recent takeover as the co-CEO of the DC Universe, there are going to be many potential changes and revivals in future DCU productions.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 10 DC comic superheroes who are all set to appear in James Gunn’s cinematic DCU versions.

Top 10 Superheroes Likely To Appear In James Gunn’s Productions


Aztek was first introduced to the audience in the late 1990s as Aztek – The Ultimate Man. He was said to be custom-made by a secretive human organization to act as the last weapon of humanity’s fight for survival against a battle between ancient gods. What made Aztek interesting was his usage of both magic and science. He could add some interesting viewpoints to future DCU productions.

Big Barda

Big Barda is one of the greatest female heroes in the history of DC Comics. She was created as a part of the Fourth World universe. This female superhero is big (as her name suggests) and is extremely strong and hopeful. Her inclusion would open doors for numerous fresh plotlines in the DC Universe.


Creeper was created by the legend Steve Ditko. He was introduced as a former talk show host who later turns into a private investigator. He has the superpower to transform himself into a yellow-green-haired maniac-like hero who runs around the city fighting crime in his underwear. He could be a very strange and fun addition to James Gunn’s DCU.

Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is a modern-day noteworthy addition to the Green Lantern series. Her ring of power comes from an alternate universe and to master those skills and superpowers, Jessica undergoes tremendous traumatic physical and emotional pain. This can form a good plotline for films featuring her.


Knight was created by Grant Morrison. This fictional character is the English version of Batman and is based in Britain. He is the ultimate defender and fighter against evil in Britain. To shift the focus a little bit and bring a new perspective to the fans of DC Universe, Knight will be a very good addition.

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle was introduced to readers as the World’s Greatest Escape Artist. He was sort of a conman who could escape from any situation. Mister Miracle became an integral part of Justice League International back in the 1980s. Since then, his storylines have been able to focus at times on adventures while at others, on health and mental illnesses.

Sojourner  Mullein

Jo Mullein or as popularly known Sojourner Mullein is a recent addition to the Green Lantern series. She is a Green Lantern from Earth who is assigned to a faraway sector in vast space. Her strongest traits are her detective skills and diplomatic efficiency. She would make for a solid storyline in DCU.

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Orion was a part of Jack Kirby’s New Gods’ creation. According to his backstory, Orion was the son of the ultimate evil called Darkseid who was handed over to the good leaders of New Genesis as a baby to ensure peace everywhere. Orion grew up to be the greatest warrior in the fight against his father. This makes his journey quite fascinating and worth pursuing further.


Static is one of the most influential black superheroes of all time in the DC Universe. He derives power and his superhero abilities from electricity. Back in the early 2000s, this superhero had his animated series but it was not quite popular. With the new DC plans, it would be a perfect opportunity to revive and bring this infamous character back to life on big screens.

Animal Man

Animal Man is one of the most visually interesting superheroes in DC Comics. His superhero ability allows him to take on the abilities of any animal he wants for a limited period of time. There is no limit to which animal qualities he can possess. He can be as fast as a cheetah or as strong as an elephant. He is a very versatile superhero to work with.

These were the top 10 superheroes from DC comics who might appear in James Gunn’s live-action films.

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