Lab Banana: Everything You Need To Know About The Alive And Moving Banana On Tiktok

Lab Banana
Lab Banana

Recently, a video is going very viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. In this video, a peeled banana is seemingly moving slowly and also seems to be breathing like any normal living being. It is being called Lab Banana on the internet.

After the video went viral, various speculations are being made on social media whether it is a real video of someone doing an experiment inside a lab or whether it is a prank being promoted by the person responsible for the video to get a following on social media.

What Is Lab Banana And Who Created It?

A Youtube channel called “Providingforthecommunity” has been posting a variety of videos related to the progress of his experiment on bananas, one of which is coming to life slowly. The guy has multiple videos like this on his YouTube channel and has been active for a long time. The person who does not show his face in videos has been performing these so-called experiments for some time now.

In the videos, this person is doing some kind of experiment on a banana, which is behaving more and more like a living thing after each experiment. He shares these apparent results of his science experiments yielding success and Banana coming to life on YouTube and TikTok. Curiosity has arisen in the audience whether this is a true experiment or it is just being shown as possible through some kind of technique.

Is Lab Banana Real Or Fake?

At first sight, it seems very true but it is more likely that the banana is being moved with the help of some kind of mechanical device. Generally, the video looks genuine and Lab Banana seems like some kind of living organism which is breathing and moving. It appears to be behaving like some kind of large insect, but it’s more likely a prank.

If we look at the scientific side of things, it can be said with 100% guarantee that this incident is absolutely impossible because no living organs are found inside the banana, like lungs, intestines, etc.

Various types of speculations are being made on social media since the videos were published, where one side wants to check its veracity while the other side is trying to enjoy it by adding different types of puns to it.

If we talk about the veracity of this video, then this video is completely untrue, it is not scientifically possible for any such type of banana or other vegetables to be alive. There can be two reasons behind it appearing like this. Either it is being run by some kind of mechanical device and looks like it is moving and is alive or it is being shown behaving like a living banana by VFX technology.

This is not the first time that this type of prank or artificial video has tried to trick people on social media. Earlier also many other attempts have been made and they also have been successful in tricking people and getting huge traction on the internet.

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