Which Dragon Can Defeat Vhagar In ‘House Of The Dragon’?

Vhagar in 'House of the Dragon'
Dragons That can defeat Vhagar in 'House of the Dragon'

The ‘House of The Dragon’ season one has come to an end. Although there was not much dragon action throughout the season, the season finale gave the hint about what is coming in the seasons to come.

The Dance of The Dragon is the bloodiest war in the history of the seven kingdoms. Dragons were used against dragons for the first time in Westeros. The show has well established that dragons are like the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and on top of that the size and strength of that particular weapon can change the odds in war.

Vhagar is by far the largest dragon on the show and has an experience in over a hundred battles. So, the question arises, if Vhagar is so big and powerful how will the other side face him or are they already doomed? Although he is the largest dragon, he is also the oldest and there are younger dragons who are not far behind in size and have experience in battles too. So, let’s find out which dragons can face Vhagar in an open field and live to tell the tale or even better, bring down the mammoth for good.

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Dragons That Stand A Chance Against Vhagar In ‘House Of The Dragon’

‘House of The Dragon’ will display many dragons in upcoming seasons but some of the absolute beasts of dragons who can give Vhagar a run for her money are three mentioned below:

Vermithor: Vermithor is a giant male dragon, who was once ridden by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, and now remains unclaimed after the death of the king. Vermithor is currently living on Dragonstone, which is a natural habitat for dragons as it is a volcanic island. The atmosphere here helps dragons gain size and strength in a relatively short amount of time. Vermithor is said to be the second largest dragon after Vhagar and is said to be a hundred years old during ‘Dance of The Dragons’.

Cannibal: Cannibal is a wild dragon currently living on Dragonstone island. He is said to be the largest wild dragon and was named cannibal for his weird habit of feeding over the dragon corpses, newborn dragons, and even eggs. Smalfolks of Dragonstone has a belief that Cannibal was already present on the island even before the arrival of Targaryens to Westeros. Taking into account all these factors and Cannibal’s lust for dragon blood, he may be able to overpower Vhagar but as he is a wild dragon it is least likely that he would care.

Caraxes: Prince Daemon Targaryen’s dragon Caraxes is another dragon on this list that can take on the giant Vhagar. Caraxes is battle-hardened and is said to be very aggressive and battle-hungry. On top of that, his body shape gives him an advantage, the weirdly long neck of Caraxes comes in handy when he needs to damage any opponent at a distance, keeping him safe from their reach at the same time. At the end of the war (Spoiler Alert), Caraxes was the one who put an end to Vhagar’s cruel reign, although, he also lost his life in the process.

Could Vermithor Or Grey Host Have Defeated Vhagar In A Direct Battle?

It’s difficult to say for certain if Vermithor or Grey Ghost would have been able to defeat Vhagar in the battle. There are many factors that could have influenced the outcome of a battle between these dragons.

For instance, Vhagar was one of the largest and oldest dragons of her time and had a fearsome reputation. She had been ridden by several powerful Targaryen kings and princes. However, both Vermithor and Grey Ghost were also reputed to be very powerful dragons in their own right.

Grey Ghost, also known as the Cannibal, was known for his ferocity and aggression towards other dragons. He also had reportedly killed and eaten several dragons in the past. He was said to have been one of the largest dragons of his time, and his scales were a dark grey color. During the Dance of the Dragons, Grey Ghost killed several dragons including one of the Targaryen’s dragons, Shrykos.

Vermithor was also a very large and powerful dragon. He was known for his strength and endurance and had been ridden by some of the greatest knights in the Seven Kingdoms. On top of that, Vermithor was the mount of the Old King, Jaehaerys the Conciliator This dragon had also fought in many battles throughout his long life.

In a hypothetical battle between these dragons, the outcome would depend on many factors. These factors include the skill of the riders and the tactical situation. Above all these factors, the individual characteristics of the dragons themselves were the most important. However, it’s certainly possible that Vermithor or Grey Ghost could have posed a serious threat to Vhagar. A battle between these dragons would have been a formidable sight to behold, no matter the result. Let’s see how ‘House of The Dragon’ handles this issue.

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