Cynthia Erivo Husband: Who Is She In A Relationship With?

Cynthia Erivo
Cynthia Erivo

Cynthia Erivo was born on the 8th of January 1987 in London. She is a talented and prominent English actress, singer, and songwriter of Nigerian descent. Cynthia is best known for her successful music career and acclaimed roles in cinematic creations like ‘Widows’, ‘Harriet’, ‘The Outsider’, and ‘Genius: Aretha’. She has also won several awards, including a ‘Grammy Award’ and‘Tony Award’.

In this article, we are exploring the successful and gorgeous actress Cynthia Erivo’s past relationships and current marital status.

Actress Cynthia Erivo’s Past Relationships 

After rising to fame, the fans of the notable English actress became curious about Cynthia’s relationships. Back in 2013, the actress was in a relationship with the famous British actor Dean John-Wilson. The couple was spotted several times together on red carpets.

After her breakup with Wilson, Cynthia got into a very long relationship with Mario Martinez. Despite their long-time relationship and speculations of the couple getting engaged and married soon, nothing became of it. And in 2022, the couple went their separate ways with no hard feelings for each other.

In the year 2021, the actress publicly came out as a queer diva. Following her split from Mario Martinez in 2022, actress Cynthia started dating a beautiful woman named Lena Waithe.

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Who Is Cynthia’s Partner – Lena Waithe?

Lena Waithe was born on May 17, 1984, in Chicago. She is a famous American actress, producer, and screenwriter. Lena Waithe is best known for her role in the acclaimed Netflix series – ‘Master Of None’. She is the first African-American woman to win the famous ‘Primetime Emmy Award’.

Lena Waithe is a talented creator of many drama series like The Chi’, ‘Boomerang’, and ‘Twenties’. She has also written and produced the famous crime film ‘Queen & Slim’ and is the executive producer of the horror anthology series – ‘Them’.

She is currently garnering a lot of attention from the media and fans for her sweet relationship with actress Cynthia Erivo.

Cynthia Erivo’s Current Marital Status

The award-winning actress Cynthia Erivo has been in some long serious relationships with loving and popular partners over the years. Despite her many private and public relationships, Cynthia Erivo has never been married.

There were many rumors and speculations that she was engaged to actor Mario Martinez and that he was her husband. But after the couple’s break up, the rumors were cleared up and Cynthia was found to be unmarried.

The gorgeous actress is currently happily unmarried and in a loving and healthy relationship with actress Lena Waithe.

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