Jeff Bezos Gambles $120 Million In A Desperate Attempt To Steal Elon Musk’s $100 Billion Business Monopoly

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos
Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

The enduring rivalry between tech titans Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is no secret. These two heavyweights, each claiming the title of ‘World’s Richest Man’ at various points, are continually locking horns. Today, it’s Elon Musk who holds that prestigious title, having knocked Bezos from the top spot.

Their competitive streaks extend well beyond wealth accumulation. Musk’s SpaceX and Bezos’ Blue Origin are key players in the frontier of space exploration, while both companies are also staking claims in the realm of artificial intelligence. But not all is equal in this space race. While SpaceX has enjoyed a slew of successful launches, Blue Origin seems to have struggled to find its footing.

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Jeff Bezos Breathes New life In His Plan Of Robbing Elon Musk Of $100 Billion

In the realm of space travel, each company has sent humans beyond the boundaries of our planet. However, Musk sees Blue Origin’s endeavors as merely grazing the edge of space, arguing that their flights merely touch the lower earth orbit, making it more a spectacle than a significant scientific achievement.

Undeterred, Bezos has come out swinging with a massive investment into Blue Origin. His announcement comes on the heels of SpaceX’s tumultuous testing of its Starship, humanity’s largest rocket to date, which has yet to complete a successful test flight without going up in flames.

As of now, SpaceX is worth over $100 billion and Blue Origin is not currently assessed for a market cap. Although it is believed that it is under $10 billion. Elon Musk led SpaceX’s high valuation is because of Government and private contracts, something Blue Origin didn’t have, until now.

Bezos is backing his space venture with a personal investment of $120 million, seemingly in response to Musk’s bold assertion that he would go down with his companies, SpaceX and Tesla, if they were ever to go bankrupt. Musk had said, “If Tesla and SpaceX were to go bankrupt, he will vanish with them, as it should be.”

But the money isn’t just about boosting Blue Origin’s prospects. Bezos has his eyes set on a more significant prize: a substantial NASA contract currently held by SpaceX for both manned and cargo missions.

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Jeff Bezos Has Been Long Trying To Take Away SpaceX’s Nasa Contract

The Amazon founder has been vying for this NASA contract for years, aiming to topple SpaceX from its lucrative perch. This fresh investment, targeting the ‘lightweight reusable rocket category,’ SpaceX’s bread and butter, may just be the game changer Bezos needs to outshine Musk’s company and claim that NASA contract.

And now in a desperate attempt to win a NASA contract, Bezos has collaborated with NASA to send a rover to Moon by 2027. NASA has agreed that it will give $3.4 billion to Blue Origin and Bezos’ company will also contribute the exact same amount to the project, making it a $7 billion space mission and a liability to Blue Origin instead of a reward.

Yet, success is far from guaranteed. Bezos has a challenging journey ahead to prove his investment can bear fruit. The rivalry between these two visionaries promises to continue, and only time will reveal the victor in this battle of the cosmos.

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