Sexual Misconduct Investigation Involving Vince McMahon Leads To Subpoena

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

The former executive chairman of WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment, is in trouble for his sexual misconduct case. Vince McMahon apparently paid more than $12 million to 4 women to keep his case hushed. The former chairman gave so much money to bury his sexual misconduct toward the women silent. Besides from this $12 million, he has also secretly paid $3 million. Why? It was to keep his affair with a former employee under the rugs.

Vince was ordered to leave his position and retire as the CEO of the company in 2022. But, that didn’t stop him from coming towards the spotlight. McMahon was one of the highest shareholders of the WWE company. Eventually, with Vince leaving, WWE decided to disclose the accounts of the ex-CEO. And the numbers were sky-high. Having spent a total of $19.8 Million, Vince had kept all of them under the rugs. This non-transparency led the company to reevaluate its accounts for 2019,20 and 21.

Out of the $19.8 Million, $15 Million was spent accommodating his shady business.

What Is The Case Against Vince McMahon

The WWE company released its latest earning report recently. In the report, the company also mentioned its former chairman’s case. McMahon was served with a search warrant. Along with a Grand Federal Jury subpoena. The court announced this decision last month.

The court and US law enforcers have asked the company to provide suitable documents as evidence against the former chairman. However, until then Vince is not charged for any crime. Initially, when the wall street journal decided to reveal Vince’s actions, he denied them. He denied having performed acts of sexual misconduct and has given the women so much money.

Vince Never Left The Spotlight

After being forcefully retired, one will imagine the retired person to stay low for a while. But with Vince, it was never the case. Despite having forcefully made to retire in 2022, the former CEO never rested for once. He was constantly under the eyes of the paps and their spotlights. McMahon soon returned to the office after 6 months of rest. Though this time, he returned as a board member.

However, this return came with a cost. Vince was allowed to come back only after he assured the company that he would reimburse the money lost because of him. He has repaid $17.4 Million to the company so far. He is currently the executive chairperson of the company. McMahon has raked up offers that cost $9 Billion with his decision to sell the company.

WWE merged with the Endeavor Group as of now.

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