Will Smith Reflects On Immersive Role As Enslaved Man In ‘Emancipation’: Admits ‘Going Too Far’

Will Smith talks about Emancipation
Will Smith talks about Emancipation

Will Smith is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. There is no doubt about that. His movies have been comedic and serious at the same time. The actor chooses his roles so perfectly, that it is difficult to picture someone else in those roles. Let it be the Bad Boys franchise, Aladdin, and the world-famous Men in Black movie series. The Hollywood actor starred in the Antoine Fuqua movie named “Emancipation”.

The movie is a historical action thriller set in Louisiana in the 1860s. Abraham Lincoln passed the bill called Emancipation Proclaim. Lincoln passed the bill, aiming to end slavery. Will Smith plays the role of an Enslaved man who is running away from the authorities who are desperate to catch him.

Will Smith Opens Up About The Preparation For His Role In The Movie

The actor told the process behind the preparation for the role. He appeared in an interview with Kevin Hart’s “Hart To Hart” where Will Smith opened up about how the character affected his life. The actor seems to have been completely engulfed in the role of Peter. Another famous name was given to Peter. Peter is the person behind the gruesome photo titled “Whipped Peter”.

Will Smith admitted that he went too far with his role in emancipation. Though the actor has done many roles, this movie is an exception. The actor said that this was one of the only two films that he has ever been fully engrossed in. Will Smith revealed that he completely lost himself in the movie. Also, the actor gets teary-eyed while talking about the movie. Will says that he wanted to feel the depth of brutality and humiliation felt by the people who were enslaved.

The actor panicked one day when he was unable to remove the chains around his neck. Will requested the crew to give him real chains. He wanted the real weights around his neck. The crew got him old chains with locks. The prop director tried the key to unlock the chains. However, it wouldn’t open. So, Will lost his calm. The crew members ran around trying to fix the situation. But it was too late. Will started to hyperventilate. Eventually, the crew got him out of the chains.

How The Actor Thought This Intense Phase Was Required For His Best Performance In The Movie

Will Smith was moved by the character’s arc in the movie. Also, he stated that he has no regrets about playing the role of Peter. Eventually, the actor stated that “It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had as an actor”. He thanked Peter for bringing him close to god and restoring his faith.

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