Night’s Watch Lord Commander Who Married A Female White Walker

    Corpse Queen and Jon Snow
    Corpse Queen and Jon Snow

    In the Game of Thrones folklore, which is based on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ written by GRR Martin, White Walkers are depicted as creatures made of snow who live in far-off lands in the distant north, beyond the Wall.

    According to the lore, mankind and White Walkers (referred to as “Others” in the books) have been at war for as long as memory goes. But did you know that there was a Night’s Commander who married a female White Walker? It’s weird, right? But it has a very interesting backstory.

    Finding The Corpse Queen And Committing Heinous Crimes

    According to ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ long ago, there was a legendary 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who supposedly married a female White Walker and led the Night’s Watch to commit atrocities. Although not much is known about the female White Walker, she has been termed the “Corpse Queen” in the book.

    On a weird note, the relationship dynamic is also left hanging, as the Lord Commander was still human when he fell in love with this woman. For those who don’t know, White Walkers have the power to freeze anything they touch, so how they consummated their marriage is a mystery.

    However, stories tell that the Lord Commander fell so deep into her trance that he started committing heinous crimes with her help. They were allegedly involved in child sacrifice practices, which went against the core beliefs of humans.

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    A Song of Ice and Fire: The Birth Of Night’s King And End Of His Tyranny 

    The Lord Commander fled to the other side of the Wall and proclaimed himself the fearsome “Night’s King.” Over the course of thirteen years, they reigned over the Night’s Watch, commanding them to partake in horrifying acts of human sacrifice. The Free Folk, united under the leadership of a King-Beyond-the-Wall, mustered their strength and advanced towards the Nightfort.

    This formidable fortress had become the Night’s King’s stronghold, the very seat from which he exerted his dark authority. With the crucial assistance of House Stark, the Free Folk emerged triumphant, toppling the Night’s King and shattering his tyrannical reign.

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