Dwayne Johnson Says It Haunts Him That He Was Not There For His Father Before His Last Days

Dwayne Johnson with his father
Dwayne Johnson with his father

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most successful Hollywood stars and an even better father to his three daughters. Dwayne never shies away from sharing his bond with his daughters on social media. Although he is a near-perfect father to his kids, the actor thinks he was not a good enough son to his father, who passed away in 2020.

Sharing an emotional post on Instagram, the former wrestler-turned-actor shared how Father’s Day can be painful for him and many others like him. In a video shared on his Insta timeline, the Fast and Furious star went on to confess things he would’ve done differently if he knew better.

Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Bond With His Father on Father’s Day

Dwayne started with, “A tricky thing that we have to contend with, Especially if there’s a lot of guys out there, like me, who had a tough love, complicated relationship with our fathers. I had that with my old man, I know a lot of you guys did as well. So it’s tricky, because they’re not here now and we wish they were.”

Talking further about how painful it can be to not have a father, he said, “Had to tap back into all my guys out there who – like me – no longer have our fathers to say Happy Father’s Day to.”

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Dwayne Johnson’s Heartfelt Message


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In his Insta post, Dwayne wrote a long message alongside the video, which read, “My old man died suddenly a few years ago. Unfortunately, we got in a fight about a month earlier and I never reconciled with him or even had a chance to say goodbye. So for me, every Father’s Day has become very tricky because there’s a lot of pain.”

The post further read, “But every Father’s Day is also one of my greatest days because I have three amazing daughters who tell me, I love you and Happy Father’s Day. To my guys out there, if your old man is still around – consider it a blessing. Even if you and your dad are working thru some complicated shit.”

And finally, he ended it with a message to all the people like him, “I’ve been there and I understand. But do your best to reconcile and get that drama behind you and get right with your dad. It’s important. Because the alternative is regret and I don’t want that for you. Happy Father’s Day. We’re all lucky boys. I’ll take care of it.”

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