Where Is ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Filmed? All Filming Locations Revealed

Mayor of Kingston
Jeremy Renner and Kyle Chandler on Mayor of Kingston

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ is a crime-thriller television series developed by Taylor Sheridan for Paramount Studios. The story arc revolves around the establishment of law and order in Kingstown, Michigan, where its whole world is surrounded by prisons in and out. The environment there seems to go hand in hand with the doings of the McLusky family as they form the centerpiece of the storyline.

It is a brilliant representation of establishing peace through the second-person narrative. The very need to settle is prominently highlighted in the series and brilliantly portrayed by its cast consisting of Jeremy Renner (Mike McLusky), Diane Wiest (Miriam McLusky), Taylor Handley (Kyle McLusky), Kyle Chandler(Mitch McLusky), and many more.

All Filming Locations Of ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’

The setting of this series was gloomy and bleak which seems to be the trademark style of Sheridan. ‘The Mayor of Kingstown‘ revolves around the Kingston prison. The location of the filming helps in adding gravitas to the series and grasp the audience’s eyes. The major places of filming were Kingston town, Kingston Penitentiary, Toronto, Brantford, and Burlington. These locations help in setting the scene in such a way that it compliments what the creator wanted us to see.


The show portrays Kingston town in the state of Michigan but the actual base is located in Ontario. The very interesting thing about these places is the irony. One shows the absence of law and order, inmate rule, and regular tensions but the other is acclaimed for having the smartest people per capita as per the show. Kingston, Ontario is known for having jails all around the place.

The show’s co-creator Hugh Dillion grew up here and shares his experience. He plays Ian Fergusson in the show. His initial days were fruitful in giving the show its genuinity. According to him “The balance of brutality maintained in the show is possible from the recollection of the past.”  

Kingston Penitentiary

The cold-heartedness in between the scenes is a reflection of the city’s long history with prisons. The show’s penitentiary is based on the infamous “Kingston’s Pen” in Ontario. The actual location of the prison is 560 King St W, Kingston.

If seen, there has been quite a revelation about this location. In order to add an authentic feel, the creators decided to film here. The sheer, sharp, and dark aura of this place makes the show more interesting.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto served as the center of filmmaking for various genres since the 80s. With regard to the is shown, many different scenes have been shot here like the Lakeview restaurant in Dundas Street was portrayed as The Red Carriage diner. The part of the female prison was shot at R.C. Water Treatment Plant in Scarborough. Filmore’s Gentlemen Club served the strip club in the show. The Ritz-Carlton property was one of the locations.

Hamilton, Ontario

A port city in the Canadian province served for the high-rise scenes in the show. The significant locations were 10 Keith Street, Heddle Shipyards at Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton Beach, Gaelic Pub, and many more. The exposition showing the bridge was the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge connecting Hamilton Harbour and Ontario Lake.

Brantford and Burlington

The close proximities and places like Bayview Cemetery, Clarence Street, and 31 William Street (McLusky House) made the scenes filled with realism.

The 10-episode show was set to release on November 14, 2021. It received a great response and the creators were asked for the production of the second season, which was released on January 15, 2023, with episodes dropping weekly. The filming location for the second season of ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ is Pittsburgh township, Canada.

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