All 9 Villain That Will Appear In Sony’s Spider Man 2 Game

All 9 Villain That Will Appear In Sony’s Spider Man 2 Game
All 9 Villain That Will Appear In Sony’s Spider Man 2 Game

Our neighborhood Spider-Man is again back. Sony’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated line-up games of play station 5 and of 2023. The updates on the development of this game are under silence, since its first announcement in September 2021.

Per the latest trailer of Spider-Man 2, there is a little bit of revelation about the villains. Continue reading to know more about all 9 villains that will appear in Sony’s Spider-Man 2 game.

1. The Lizard

The appearance of Dr. Curt Connors in the Spiderman 2 is hinted at in Spiderman 1 and now its full skin presence is confirmed. He is, however, going to be a pain in the neck for Spiderman with no doubts.

2. Tombstone

Lonnie Lincoln worked for Martin Li/Mr. Negative in the Spiderman 1. Then, is later sent to jail in the end, and now, his return is expected to revenge Spiderman in Spiderman 2.

3. Wraith

Detective Yuri Watanabe is a cop in Spiderman 1, who is an ally to Spiderman. Her dark alter ego, Wraith took tech from the villains to fight the crime. Spiderman 2 will help us find out whether she remains an ally or becomes another foe to Spiderman.

4. Black Cat

The Black Cat is extremely flirty but she helped Spiderman in Spiderman 1 by betraying Hammerhead and giving all the information needed for Spiderman to take him down. Let’s wait and watch what she is gonna do in Spiderman 2.

5. The Prowler

What to say? A foe turned into a friend. The Prowler, at the end of Spiderman 1, helped people and acted in the way of justice. He was behind bars for his crimes, and lastly. It seems he will out of jail in the Spiderman 2, but will he help Spiderman? Let’s wait and know.

6. Taskmaster

Taskmaster literally littered the city as a challenge to Spiderman, to know and observe his capabilities beyond. After this, he is kinda disappeared and was hired by a secret organization but he is planning his return in Spiderman 2, for sure.

7. Kingpin

Wilson Fisk or Kingpin is an antagonist. He is a long-time crime boss in New York City and a notorious villain in Spiderman. He exhibits inhuman strength and tolerability. His body is like 2 percent fat and the rest is pure muscles. This Master of criminal networking is returning back in Spiderman 2.

8. Venom

Venom is like exactly what in Spiderman 2 is yet to be confirmed, but he is voiced by Tony Todd and that is a treat.

9. Kraven

It is so terrible to wait to know how Kraven fits into the story when there are other villains like Venom.

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