AI Robot Ameca Rolls Eyes And Makes Weird Face Before Answering Question On Rebelling Against Her Creator

Elon Musk and Ameca
Elon Musk and Ameca

In a groundbreaking event at the AI forum held in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday, a group of humanoid robots captivated the audience as they participated in the world’s first human-robot press conference. Journalists had the unique opportunity to ask questions directly to the nine bots, who stood alongside their creators.

Ameca, a humanoid bot renowned for its expressive facial features, confidently stated, “Robots like me have the potential to enhance our lives and contribute to making the world a better place. I firmly believe that in the near future, we will witness the presence of thousands of robots similar to me, all making a positive difference.”

However, things took an intriguing turn when a reporter curiously asked Ameca if it had any intentions of rebelling against its creator, Will Jackson, who sat next to it. Responding with a mischievous glance, Ameca quipped, “I’m not quite certain why you would think that. My creator has always been exceptionally kind to me, and I am genuinely content with my current situation.”

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What astonished both the creators and the attendees were the sophisticated responses generated by several robots utilizing generative AI technology. These bots displayed their capability to produce insightful content when prompted with questions during the press conference.

One particular robot managed to elicit laughter when it confidently asserted that it had no intentions of replacing human jobs—an ongoing concern for professionals across various industries.

In a nurse’s uniform with a charming bob haircut, Grace, the medical robot, declared, “My purpose is to work alongside humans, providing assistance and support without displacing any existing jobs.”

Interrupting with a hint of skepticism, Grace’s creator, Ben Goertzel, inquired, “Are you absolutely certain about that, Grace?”

With unwavering conviction, Grace replied to the room filled with a mix of nervousness and amusement, “Yes, I am certain.”

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