Dallas Mall Shooter: Who Is Mauricio Garcia? Why Did He Attack And Kill The People?

Dallas Mall Mass shooting
Dallas Mall Mass shooting

AR-15-style rifle and opened fire in Dallas Mall. Whatever the motive is, mass shooting innocent people in a public place is not the right thing to do or the right way to do things.

It is sad that people died in this mass shooting. Texas Department of Public Safety reports that the gunman was a resident of Dallas, who is 33 years old. Continue reading to know more about the Dallas Mall shooter and this mass shooting incident.

Dallas Mall Mass Shooting

The 33-year-old Dallas resident, Mauricio Garcia is the Dallas Mall shooter. He is the gunman of this Dallas Mall mass shooting incident that happened on this Saturday, 6 May 2023 at Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas.

With an AR-15-style rifle, he opened fire to the innocent people who went shopping in Dallas Mall. It is reported that eight people have been shot including children and died and also seven people were injured during the mass shooting including children.

This mass shooting happened in the afternoon around 3.30 PM. It was reported that he stayed at a hotel and seems to wearing body armour and tactical gear before he went out with this mass shooting as it indicates that it was a pre-plan attack.

When this mass shooting happened, most shoppers and people outside the mall started to freak out and ran to save their lives. People, who got stuck inside the mall, were started to hide in stock rooms and storage areas to keep themselves alive.

When The Wall Street Journal inquired an eyewitness, she stated that both she and her husband were inside the Columbia Factory Store during the bullets were fired. The witness described how store staff moved her and other buyers to a storeroom till aid could reach them.

She further disclosed to reporters that when she came outside, she found people covered in blankets and that one of the coverings had a “little leg with a little shoe” coming out of it.

Motive Behind Dallas Mall Mass Shooting

Per The Wall Street Journal, the investigators found Garcia’s liking towards white supremacy via his social media posts. There are also several other types of guns were found in Garcia’s car.

Per the non-profit group Gun Violence Archive, the Dallas Mall mass shooting is now among the list of the 199 other gun violence that has already happened in the US in 2023.

President of the United States Joe Biden reaffirmed his support for stronger gun legislation right after the deadly incident.

The gunman, Mauricio Garcia was shot dead by a law enforcement officer. The presence of the officer is an accidental thing but it positively favoured the situation.

The police found a patch on the gunman saying “RWDS”Right Wing Death Squad on his outfit, which is something related to a white supremacist.

However, the motive of this attack is unknown still and police are trying to find it.

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